Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Karmic Folds

Nevermind whether the word, "karma", which may sound religiously inclined and fixated towards religious systems to furnish us with some sort of an escape clause.  One that will, supposedly, alleviate our sufferings for past misdeeds or for us to escape responsibility totally . 

Or it influences a threatening prank to instill fear in us and to make us a goodie goon to follow everything by the book.  Nor does the word take kindly any good intention and only gravitated towards unfortunate state and unfavourable outcomes.  Or it is used like  a sword to spill curse on someone else.  The truth is, "we are what we eat; we become what we think about".

All good deeds go unpunished and it is supposed to be so.  When we smile at people, generally we get them smiling back at us.  The act calls for sincerity.  From the conviction within the soul.  When the intention is good, the action is good.  And, the effect fetches moral edifice of a higher purpose in life.

What we give out is what we get back.  This is the principle of karma.  As we sow, so shall we reap.  What goes around comes around.  Whatever we send out returns in folds.  The same thing when negative or positive actions, or thoughts, remain that way until they expend the energy by action upon the originator.  Our actions and thought processess are like an echo.  What we act and think produce effects.  In fact, they create a much wider spectrum of consequences, like it or not upon us.  They, voluntarily or otherwise, generate phenomenal power transforming conventional notion into chains of events.

Our lives are much ruled by cause and effect.  It seems that we are living in a newtonian universe, one pretty much keeps every energy in motion.  Every actions produce an equal and opposite reactions.  Every end entails a beginning.  And, every beginning has to begin. 

We should live in this awareness in our conscious state.  To carry and empower qualitative substance in our thought energy.  In our words.  In our actions and intention.  The only evidence of substance against us is us.  We cannot dismiss the fact that all the chains of reactions, experienced in our lives, are directly the results transferred into motion.  In the law of attractions and vibrations, all energy form a nuclear chain reaction into series of coincidences and outbreaks.

It is just a matter of observation, perhaps with deeper awareness and indepth reflections, to accept this non physical behaviour with the basic fundamental of physics.  When love is radiated, feel the attractions that come back to us.  Rewards may not come directly from the object that we give to but in the many forms of blissful wider network of social cohesion and interactions elsewhere.

Have we not wondered in all the events in our lives are often synonymous, at one point or another, with our past acts and intentions? The reward of deeds depends upon them - and they must be pure, where every person will get the rewards according to what he has acted and intended. 

Love begets love.  The alchemy that transcends into healthy mind, soul and body.  That surpassed beyond the limits of expectations.  An intense emotional attachment that far exceeds bonds and integrity.

Love will not come into fruition to someone who, in his everyday life, empowers even a scattering negative vibration.  When we internalised the feeling of hate, anger, jealousy - the resonance of all negative acts and intentions, the karmic folds compounded the difficulties.  We will warp in despair.

What we do to others, there will be many others that will do the same thing back to us.  This is why negative workings - acts and intentions, are so dangerous.  Our misfortunes are not a bad case of luck but the very mechanical fashion by cause and effect.  We had passed the energy into motion in the past only to materialise its imparting motion in the same direction to realise sooner or later.

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