Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Renovation Tips - Part One

Wire Management for TV Console

Our renovation journey had been educational and, thanks to our meticulous ID - Chiauw, we picked up lots of valuable insight.  Her motto in serving to educate her clients, let us to become well informed with market products, brands, quality and useful renovation know-how.   Of course, this comes with a price but, looking back, it will be a lifelong lesson.

We were not an easy client too.  We expected quality in workmanship; superiority yet affordable products and a result that exudes elegant aura of stylish home.  Reiki Sanctuary is an old HDB with lots of restrictions.  From the limited air conditioning electrical consumption and condensor weight to the height floor-ceiling limit.

One fastidious aspect that we needed her to propose was for the wiring management system that must be functional, affordable and provided an attractive solution.  We wanted a seamless installation.  To accomplish result where wires and cables 'disappear' into the walls and ceilings.  We wanted an aesthetically appealing wire management that will integrate well with our home decor.

Where we used to stay, in Hertford, we were able to conceal the wires.  Most of them were embedded into the wall.  With such wired definition, it made the mess for electrical wired trunks less visible and, needless to say, is more pleasing to the eyes.  However, the setback of not having a proper floor plan and a good drawing for the electrical chart, it can be a nightmarish shortfall.  It would be a guessing game to point how those circuitry electrical wires were run.

HDB, on the other hand - particularly old flats, has strict regulations.  Electrical wires are not to be concealed into the wall.  The whole circuitry is exposed.  Therefore, In designing Reiki Sanctuary, it became a challenge.

In my previous entry Timeline - In Perspective, I wrote that life is beautiful.  In a reciprocal respect, with all the days brainstorming to minimise the exposure of wires and to manage clutter in a workstation/tv console in Reiki Sanctuary, she turned HDB's restriction towards an acceptable trimmed and undiluted 'wired' sanctuary.  We managed to conceal, probably, ninety percent of the design of an effective electric circuit around the house.

Achieving Hidden Wire Management System for TV Console
The First Step - Circuitry Routing

Identify your desirable lifestyle for each room and the electrical gadgets/devices that will be housed therein.  With your floor plan, go through each room and plot the number of socket points/SCV/Telephone line.  Get the electrician to fix them before the commencement of carpentry works.

Example of Wire Management in Living Room:

The Second Step - Carpentry Designs

Work out a systematic and functional carpentry design and decide whether the electrical gadgets/devices will either be hidden or exposed.  It is good to know the dimensions for these gadgets/devices and, importantly, to provide allowances for the connecting cables.

Go through with the carpenter on the exact location of power points/SCV/Telephone line sockets and the gadgets/devices.  Indicate to him that you want these sockets to be concealed inside the cabinet. 

The carpenter needs to know the exact location of the sockets to ensure right cutting for socket mounting.  It is good to have a good drawing to show the configuration and routing as how the cables will run. 

For the top of the console, design a subtle 'opening'.  This opening is meant for easy routing of wires/cables.  You may want to have a hole [inside] at the bottom of the console for cables to subwoofer.

Example of TV Console [or rather, pictures say thousand words]:

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