Saturday, October 31, 2009

CooL huh

Ok, it is not really cool. 

No. 1 Not Cool List - No Touch Screen LCD:

'Cool' is when I am able to fully utilised Windows 7 with the touch screen monitor.  Geez, for now, touch screen is waaayyyy too expensive and the largest screen available is only the 17".  So, this is obviously the top 'Not cool' in my list.

Somehow, I am excited with Windows 7.  In my case, it has been a long wait - I have always wanted to jump ship from XP to Vista [without the desktop gadgets] but never really ventured into it because of its initial bad reviews.  And more bad reviews when it was in its beta and RC stages.  The only thing I got close to Vista was to run the Transformation Pack.  Still, I am thankful to M$ for constantly upgrading its operating system.  Thankful that I had always been able to sit in front of my computer, surfing and doing stuffs, with such a good operating system.

When Windows 7 was launched on 22 October, I was prepared to make my way to Sim Lim Square to get a copy.  Yes, I was amongst the thousands.  The different between me and Amazon: Windows 7 Is 'The Biggest Pre-Order Product Of All Time'., I can only afford the OEM full retail version.  Yes, some people may say to wait a little longer is wise, to give this new product a little more time to get stable.  Yes, M$ will still provide the product support to Window XP till 2014/2015.  Still, I have waited a good two years [Vista was launched on Jan 30, 2007].

No 2 Not Cool List - Not 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate:

I got my OEM full retail version and, in my opinion, for a good price.  Guess, the market is still hot marketing Windows 7 and freebies are what attracted consumers.  The price that I paid was $255.  In return, I got a freebie worth $39 - I chose Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000.  Doing the maths, my OEM only costs me $216 for the 64bit Windows 7 Professional.  What I had wanted was to get the 64 bit Windows Ultimate!

Windows 7 is also an excuse for me to pump in more RAM in my system.  It is good to see such a big number in your system when XP can't.  The 64bit version is a must.  It is the beginning of a better technology to extend virtual and physical address spaces, doubles the width and provides other enhancements.

Installation is a breeze.  It is fast!  In about 5 minutes, the system is running.  Other hardware drivers are automatically detected and installed.  But, of course, it is always good to install your hardware with the right manufacturer's version.  I am so 'wow' with its fast boot.  So 'wow' with its immediate responses.

One dreadful thing about Windows 7 is the missing Outlook Express.  I kinda like this old dedicated mail program.  Anyway, am now getting used to Windows Live Mail and, yay! was able - at last, to import all my messages.

No 3 Not Cool List - Not a Perfect 7.9 Performance Rate:

There are cool enhancements inside Windows 7.  I like the added accessories [improved Calculator, Sticky Notes, Snipping Tool to name few].  Can't wait to further tweaks this OS.  Unfortunately, Windows 7 is only giving me a 5.9 rating for my system -  hahaha, not cool lor.

Still, where I am sitting today - since 26 October, thankful for what I have already owned.  Life has always been wonderful.

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