Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's Next?

It is just a natural process.  It is just the nature of human mind.  It is just how many of us behave, or may want to act and function.  We seem to be trained, at our early age, to identify what we cannot have/afford/own/...... [fill in your own blank] - nor there would be a dire need, and decide we must have it regardless of what we have to do to get it.  As much as we want to be realisitic, our common sense often fails us. 

Somehow, we always manage to get it in our heads that we have to have whatever "things" to make our lives easier.  Never mind the fact that, even if we could get it, it will just sit in a corner collecting dust until we finally give it away or throw it out.

Is that so?  Is it that hard?  Is it easy for us to fall victim of our own prey?

We are, often, never happy with what we have.  Be it a material gain or an intangible material force.  Off what we have already come into possession or use of.  We have been programmed to believe that more is better.  We make our lives busy, ignorant of our frustrations and limitations, to chase dreams that we have lost touch with the reality of what we already have.  We conveniently choose not to live life in contentment with any acquired possession.  We want to be happy but, it seems that,  we do not strive to live in its essence long.

When we have money, no matter how much, we always want more.  When we have reached a goal, we have nothing but set and work for another.  We use a gain of successes to achieve happiness, and a degree of peace, which in fact is an emotion and not a success.   Guess, the saying "The heart of an old man remains young in two respects, i.e. his love for the world and his incessant hope" stays true.  We no longer believe that being happy with our lives is enough.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  We, unconsciously - perhaps, conveniently refuse, not look at what we have but at what we don't.  Instead of counting our own blessings, we count those of our neighbours.  Of our brothers and sisters.  Of our friends.  Of our colleagues.  Status, in society, appears to come with obtaining as much as we can get.

Our biggest problem with wanting what we cannot have is that we do not enjoy today.  We disregard the NOW and not living in our Present.  When tomorrow comes and we have gotten what we wanted yesterday, we will still not be happy because we want what we do not have that day as well.  It is just a vicious circle.  As soon as we have fulfilled one want, it is replaced by another.  We continuously looking backward thinking, at a very subtle consciousness, about the unhappiness and lack of satisfaction that filled our days.

We are often just ignorant as how to sustain an achievement.  To momentarily pause and keep in existence to enjoy.  To smell the rose a little longer and what it feels like to smell such a blossom.  To take stock of the positive of our own life with delightful invitation to further experience the bliss.  To be satisfied and then lessen our 'suffering' from insatiable desires.  To measure satisfaction by each breath, by smiles and laughter.  By lending a hand in need or teaching others.

There is nothing wrong to soar up the sky and lift our hopes high - and it should be encouraged.  Motivation is an evolution.  Acquiring new things is the real essence of progress.  We should look outside the box and explore more of ourselves to see if we are better at something else than what we are currently doing.  Our common sense should be our ally to dictate what we can and cannot afford.  Our conscience should guide us to what is sufficient and appreciate what is lacking.

Freedom and fulfillment of our soul take, to many of us, a lifetime to build.  Changing the dynamics of our mind require time, patience and a willingness to do things differently.  It takes our consciousness to become fully aware that will change the paradigm.

The key is in how we approach the acquisition of new things.  Planning and deligence are called for to enrich our lives.  We should not make things too easy to get new things without expending any effort.  Balance is what is needed.

I have lived a life in search for meaning.  For the purpose of life to be a life of purpose.  To lessen struggles to find what relevance there is to my existence.  To lay a claim to possess a greater understanding.  The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on earth.

I have no special talent nor do I claim to possess any special powers beyond those of a mortal man.  But, I have lived my life facing trials and experienced great joys.  I was born into this world with nothing and zero possessions and very little ability to communicate with anyone.

Many spiritual roads and modalities were brought to my attention.  Each guarantees to embrace my being with peace.  To walk a journey filled with enlightenment and oneness with the universe.  I would receive emails almost every week informing me of another 'new knowledge'.

A life without cause is a life without effect and that we must upgrade our life everyday.  We need to think of the benefits to fulfill our goals.  Each day is precious but it is how we would want to spend it that will make the difference.  Each and every moment in our life is for us to enjoy.  To be in happiness.  To be in peace.  Balance and harmony.

Should I forget to tell myself that one of the most important things in life is to be happy and to treat anything else that comes my way as a bonus, I would be searching the purpose endlessly.  Life is a great big canvas and I should throw all the paints on it.  But I have a choice.

Do I want to paint it all at once or do I want to spend an entire lifetime for a single imprint?  I cannot discover the purpose of life should I not spend time to reflect.  To constantly reflect upon what that I have painted, or done, is placing blessings to a life that is already filled with happiness.  To a life that is joyful.

Abundance will not multiply when there is no gratitude.  Another desire will not keep us at peace when we are not going to [learn to] appreciate.  A discrepancy will always be a conscious thought when we cannot accept between what we have and what we should have.

I learn to take a break from the constant upgrade cycle to take time to enjoy what I have now.  I remember the first time I wanted to upgrade my desktop computer.  I visualised a 'perfect' system.  I knew how much I wanted it to be.  I knew how much money I needed and planned out the ways I could earn enough to own it.  When I finally had it, the desktop computer was infinitely more meaningful to me when I had put so much effort into acquiring it.

I remember the first time my Spiritual Master wanted his students to take charge of all his teachings and to organize a seminar.  To him, it was the only way for us to learn.  To put what we thought we had acquired into conviction.  I learned to appreciate.  That was the only way I will ever get it right, of the things I possessed at that time, by asking and practicing it myself.

I will always want to remember to discover the purpose of life by asking myself.  Life is like a coin.  I can spend it in any way I wish but I only can spend it once.  The only thing that guarantees my success - peace, joy and happiness, is when I take my time to enjoy the things I acquire a little longer.  It is discovering in the quality that quantifies the harvest.

It is not us who are never satisfied, it is the nature of the human mind to be never satisfied for very long.  We always seem to choose to want more.  To be something else.  To go beyond.  Question is, are we going to slip our consciousness into a perpetual slavery?  Are we going to disregard awareness to risk a flowering season without even enjoying its fruits?

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