Friday, October 23, 2009

God Bless Our Home

One year on ....

Last year, on 20th October 2008, we moved out of Hertford Apartment [for more reading on this, click: As The Curtain Falls] to our new home.  We named her "Reiki Sanctuary".  "Reiki" as she houses the ability to heal and the highest intelligence towards understanding without ever depleting the universal life force energy; the physical earthly consciousness to connect us with all the universal abundance and enriching our spiritual divinity presence.

She is, and will always be, a "Sanctuary" that draws and to influence life to promote spiritual atmosphere for a peaceful life.  A life that will be constantly filled with everything good - in our temperament, in our attitude, in our mood and in all our intentions and emotions.

Reiki Sanctuary evolves the body and soul.  Of inviting good fortune.  Of gaining mystical revelations.  Of empowering knowledge and spiritual powers.  It is a home for a soul to live his day where just for today and every day to:

* Do not be angry
* Do not worry
* Be grateful
* Work with integrity
* Be kind to others and to yourself

It has been one complete year.  A full year that has filled us with memories that will last a lifetime.  A year that pitted us low with grief over the loss of our beloved Ruby to a new height of love and bonding.

I remember waking up that morning, for the last time in Hertford, grimaced with sadness.  I cooked Ruby's breakfast for that one last one early before the movers came.  I was crying.  It was sad to leave Hertford.  It was sad to leave a home that had given us so much life and hope for twenty years.

Thanks for the memory that does not fade in my heart, I wake up this morning almost exactly the same time a year ago.  Perhaps, subconsciously, I just want to embrace a memory that can't never be altered.  Perhaps, it is a way to wake up another morning but this time, it is all about creating new experiences.

We move into Reiki Sanctuary with renewed spirits to replenish life; restoring our vigor for prayerful intent in abundance of divine relational life.  To motivate us to live life through love to heal the heart, mind and emotions.  To engage in positive thoughts to create for a happier journey so that life shall be the cyclical cause of these cirucmstances.  Reiki Sanctuary today may be a little quiet without Ruby but the soul remains sacred.  It still inspires the perfect representation of our souls to love and to articulate appreciation, reverence, care, gratitude.  And peace.

Reiki Sanctuary has found that voice.  With her deepest appreciation for the world around us.  She has the elements of living, the essence of life evokes reflection and connection and to the wonders of life as a whole.  Beauty, of yet another life journey, is found here on these beautiful wonders of Reiki Sanctuary.

Just as I fill the rest of the day to pay attention to the many curves and lines that twist and cross to the wonders of events and things, the Universe conspires a new encounter.  What's a better way to start another year - and the many years ahead, with this email that I receive:

"We have nothing to lose.  They say whoever receives this buddha will receive an abundance of unexpected money or some very good news."

Abundance - Oh Yes!

(For the record, just in case there are people that would judge me, I am not a Buddhist. I honor the kind deed of a friend who emailed me this wishes, for he knows that I respect Buddha's teachings.)

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    In Reiki Sanctuary, we feel blessed. We feel the abundance and greatly appreciate for all that have been showered. We can only keep counting ..

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