Monday, October 05, 2009

.. and i say, "Thank You For The Music"

The first time I heard this invocating music, without knowing the essence of the song title (and my gratitude and appreciation to Pi), my tears just rolled.  Perhaps, then I was in search of a process to heal myself.  Perhaps, then I was manifesting for higher vibratory energy.

"Returning To Now" is an apt music weaving exotic voices and cross-cultural elements that perfected a balance point in my consciousness.  The song title is self explanatory.  A story written in the CD album:

A student came across a sage in the forest.

"Let us share some tea" said the wise elder.  And as they sat together, he began pouring.  Between rapid-fire questions, the student began to notice that his cup had filled and yet the sage continued pouring, threatening to soak his robes.

"Why do you keep pouring when my cup and saucer are full?" inquired the student.

Came the reply, "Why keep asking questions when your head is full?"

The first time I heard it, my heart, in the world of its own consciousness, released thought energies that liberated through the sacred sounds of the music; in its pitch, frequency and keynote, the world of illusions.  It amplified an energy of emotions in varied different states of consciousness to create resonance with specific attributes of divine energy.  It manifested different qualities from resonating my chakras to embodying compassion.

I may not exactly know the words but I was certain my Higher Self recognized this sacred sound.  It was a feeling, undoubtedly, at any given moment, the divine energy from which the universe and all of creation first manifested - it was the totality of all other sounds to me - related to the vital transformational energy to shift and changed that which had been created and preserved.

I sensed the tunnel of light that brought me to earth.  The cord of a birth vision, the creator and the creational process.  That beyond the mental and astral planes, it was the very essence of my existence.  The deep and powerful sound of the bass represents, in my consciousness, the different aspects of the trinity of my body, my speech and my mind.  It developed a simplified processing alternative.

This is one piece of music, at this point of my life, being played continuously during my Inner Dance meditation.  It just has the capabilities of resonating and aligning all my chakras - of cleansing imbalanced energies and purifying self.  It provides a bridge between my spiritual and physical dimensions and opening the way for inspirational contact with higher realms and beings.

The healing sound of the chimes symbolizes the supreme source, synonymous with the energy of peace.  It initiates peace and tranquility when it is listened to.
The healing sound of the tibetan bowl generates compassion.  Of a consciousness allowing people to attune and resonate with each other.

The healing sound of the bell triggers mystical path to the highest vibratory transcendence.  It is a feeling to God realization and enlightenment.  It opens a wide consciousness to the words, the sounds of animals, the wind in the trees, the rushing of water, the beat of my heart that it is everywhere, in every plane.

The healing sound of the sitar creates extraordinary energy for balance and clearing.  It is extremely powerful and transformative.

Interestingly, as I often experienced an elevated state of consciousness with this healing sacred music, it is only right that I should share it with others.  Particularly those with specific intention towards healing to bring the energy of the people together.  To use to assist in planetary healing.  To assist the creation of peace and harmony on earth.

How To Listen To the Music:

Find a quiet place.

Create your intention.

Sit or lie relax and 'Just Be' in your moment.  Be in The Now.

Play the music a little louder as to fill the room/space.

Project your intention as the music is played.

Keep the music in repetitive mode.  Play it throughout the meditation.

The Gift:

By itself, this music has its own extraordinary divine resonance.  It has the formula of both vocalization and visualization.  The rewards for manifestation.

You can project upon all the sounds, within this healing music, to amplify and making even more extraordinary for yourself the great healing gifts it can bring.

Returning To Now

About The Musician:
Karunesh, a German born NewAge and Ambient Musician

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