Monday, October 19, 2009

Journey Home

This is for my friends, ML and KC.

It was an unexpected twist for an eventful Saturday; the evening of 17th October was spent to uncover our journey.  The Journey Home.

Like the two of you, I am still warped with unexplained emotions.  Like the two of you, I am inspired too.  Like the two of you, "I love you" too. 

I am all tears reading your emails.  "Thank You" my friends.

It was a night, that wonderful night, bringing the three of us home.  In all appropriateness for the time and the energy of completion, that our journey home had been written to be spent that way.  It had taken us so long to rediscover.  Yet, it was better late than never.

We laughed.  We cried; ok I cried.  We labeled each other yet there was still just so much love and tenderness, connected in unspoken understanding.  Filled in invisible nuances of love.  We laughed even louder.  We let our naked souls to speak.  We were not ashamed.  We were not restricted.  And, we seriously and openly bared it all.  There was a complete exposure of our inner truths.

That same place, the same day of the week and same time where the scene of Entrapment took place about two months ago.  This time around, it was more profound.  We engaged in a marvelous ascension with honesty and integrity.  As you said KC, it was a reunion of soul mates.  We poured our hearty laughter accepting, and recognizing, our S-Factor that separated us from our peers.  It was such a beautiful symphony glowed with so much emotions.  Conducted in a divine orchestra with interdimensional attributes where so much intuitive energies were revealed.

We tied-up our loose ends.  We deserved to hear each other, one after another, and fitted into a balanced system.  Everything said and done with profound acts of love.  I was swamped with so much admiration.  The two of you brought upon your lights that sailed the night with an ascended vibration that fitted in very well for the three of us to see things better.  To sense the beauty of a reason to live.  It was a journey home of yin and yang, the dark and the light.

I felt honoured to be part of the big thing. 

The light house, and the divine life uniquely owned within the two of you, comforted the thought of death and my spiritual demise.  We made our transition and untangled all emotions that had been placed into our fabrics of life.  We laid and opened each others' path and formed yet another sacred geometry to our friendship.  Surely, it was not just a coincidence that had taken place that night, for opening a quest to our journey home vivid with the sacredness of free choice.  It was, as though, God was sitting amongst us that night giving little vignette and tiny snapshot of what will happen next.  What He did was to pour consciousness in our drinks and provided the energy of organization and form in such a peaceful and understanding veil of the evening.  Each one of you ascended to be an angelic being and wise teachers.

The lessons revealed within were truly revolutionary to our common way of thinking.  Our willingness to share, and the marvelous mindful of simple spiritual truths and insights of these two friends, have the power to change my life forever.

There was, and will be, just so much more to life as we unveiled our personal secrets.  The night just glowed.  A bright light was being lit.  In the invisible and silent entities of angels around, a choir sang a song that could be heard all over the universe.  What remained, three individuals were awakened.  A life would remain on this earth only this time to continue the journey.

The Journey Home

It has to be a journey, so we committed, a sacred one yet staple to the way things work.  We know that we will be walking through challenges, the drama, the difficulties, the denials, the lies but it would be a journey of divine consciousness.  It would be home with the potential of a perfect walk with God.  A brisk one with no ending.  Whatever life gives us, we shall take our light and transform it into what serves us and those around us.

My Gratitude

Now I know why you cried so much on The Journey Home, KC.  That Saturday oscillated our past and future and provided spiritual enlightenment of the changes we are facing.  Of knowing that God resides within us and that we are an eternal part of His universal plan.  Indeed, you were touched by His light.

I pray for you, M.  For that masterhood that is within you.  Your spiritual enlightenment is not about following any human being but the light within you.  You just have to passion play the consciousness.  Stay in your own integrity and don't look to others to define your beliefs.  The truth is that your divinity is within you.

I knew we went home knowing each one of us was sending blessings to one another.  Thank You for a night of honor, logic and divine purpose.  Thank You for the grace of your existence in my life.  Thank You for the essence of God which drives all (our) creation.  Thank You for being my brother and sister during the frontline of my battle.

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