Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Note To God

I am so thankful at how things work out.  At how, at a wonderful start of a new year, people whom I treasure fill me with an awesome swelling of my heart.  For making the fullness of my life.  For feelings overwhelm my emotions.  It is a great joy from the start.  It is the world so real.

I travel within the spirit of the land - specifically, The Free Land of Smiles, that takes me through the rich and diverse landscape of love.  Of kaleidoscope of joy and massive happiness.  Of freeing burden and bringing smiles.  Of reminding me to the rich and greatest collective lesson called togetherness; holding on together.  Of diversity yet exhibits strong cohesion.  Of extravagance greets with gentle greetings.  Of a connection to life and dancing to the colours of the wind.

Northern-Western Thailand Tour 2010

The Journey:

Pattaya  ---->  Saraburi  ---->  Phitsanulok  ---->  Sukhotai  ---->  Tak
---->  Lampang  ---->  Chiang Mai  ---->  Nakhon Sawat  ----Ayutthaya  ---->  Pattaya

It is a journey that is wrapped in timeless kingdom of spiritual accomplishment.  Of emotional outburst into a temple of safe haven.  Of how the brilliance of thought weaves into glistening harmony.  Of love.  Of joy.  Of the needs to appreciate every single act as a significant beauty of life.  The only condition to all things well, and for supremacy to happen, is my sincere desire to have it.

It is a walk of life towards thoughtless awareness.  Of being mindful and fully alert but without any thoughts to govern any external forces.  To be in the now.  To reap the fruits of nowness.  It is a fantastic journey into my own spiritual existence.  It is a door that has opened to a new dimension.

Oh God, it is such a peaceful and thankful sunrise for the new year.  Yes, I would never ask for anything more than this gift of love.  This gift of joy.  This perfect gift of peace.  The greatest present explored in the present of presence.  You tuck away my apprehension and showers me in a chest for heightened purpose.

Not a day goes by will I want to trade it for anything else.  I am getting Your lead - a blessing that only promises for more inclusion of joyful warranted life purposes.  I am seeking Your wisdom.  I am seeking Your guidance.  I am seeking Your love for love to serve its purposes.  With compassion.  With faith.  With conviction.

This set of treasure chests, a Christmas 2009 gift from a dear friend, symbolises a synchronicity for a new beginning.  Is it too much of a co-incidence?  Of a significant message to store a treasure that [must] lasts forever.   There is something wonderful about having it.  There is something precious for all the contents to be kept safe and protected.  There is something important - a prizeless crafted chest, synonymous of my desires to house them inside.  There is something meaningful - a priceless acquisition that no matter how humble, always seem to signify reverence for an accomplishment of a treasured precious possession.

I am very thankful for a road trip that has filled me with plentiful prayers.  Bringing my soul closer to the tranquility of life forces.  Soaking my mental body to experience calmness of emotional peace.  It is a collective realm of the many visits to bring me closer to the Power of Prayer.  To the Power of Intent to orchestrate the Law of Vibrations and Attractions. Of having a basic wish to be happy and to avoid sufferings.  Of empowering a vision of peace.  Of creation for highest possible the pleasure palaces.

Having visited few spiritual sites, and breathe peace, joy and love all
around me, the most universal sign for this fortunate birth of the new
year is this heartwarming sight of these puppies in such an enclosed
spiritual place.

The nurturing and (as a dear friend cited it) 'emancipated' moment of a mother to her babies to keep each one of them alive.  To make them to live and to grow.  Regardless of all the heavy human traffic around her and the fear on her face, there is deep sense of faith.  Of conviction and responsibility.  As though she knows nothing will, and can, harm her purpose. 

It is, indeed, a beautiful insight. 

It is about focus. 

It is about recognition. 

It is love in action.

This new year has brought me with unexpected blessings of joy.  Of love.  Of care and share.  Of giving.  Of strength against all odds.  Of everything is possible.  Of turning fear into faith and celebrate its rewards.  Of paradigm shift to positive mindset.

I am so thankful, and blessed, meeting a departed spirit in one of the holy shrine.  In a state of pure and peaceful consciousness, of a loving father that whispered his love and gratitude.  Of a loving consciousness and his prayers.  I guess the message is meant for me.  I guess the message is more than just for me.  For clearing my doubts to achieve a state of evolution and everything necessary.  I just have to have the desire to achieve this state; it cannot be forced upon me.

.. and I shall just embrace it with more prayers ..

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