Thursday, July 15, 2010

Layers of Tranquility

For what it was worth ..
for what it was meant to be ..
for what it was to bring ..

for everything that should happen, should happen for a good reason.  Every action has a reaction.  That whats meant to be will always find a way to come about.

11 July, 2010 ..

.. It was the day for the believers.  It was the day for transformation.  It was the day to invoke manifestation to progress, awakening various psychological and spiritual ideas to find and understand the transitional period of our life.

It was a day just to be who we are, back to our days when we were just a little baby with pure heart.  Where we only knew love and everybody was not a stranger and we responded with an interesting form of compassion.  Where we knew nothing much about the world but delightful to be here.  There was no fear but faith.  There was no sorrow but joy.  There was no hate but love.

Perfect manifesting happens with a clean and pure heart.  The heart is our subconscious mind.  Having a clean and pure heart simply means that our subconscious mind is clear of any impressions that might pollute the purity of our intent.

It was a day filled with powerful means for our inner awakening to achieve unparalled spiritual growth with time.  It was a day, given to those who soaked in the energy, to unlock the doors to paradise; to unlock the doors to heaven on earth.

Surely, there was a reason that brought us to it; to experience 11 July and to pass through it.  To create reality with our intuition and attention.  It could be an awakening zone to complete one another - the Earth and our Soul Spirits and that of the Universe.  We filled in each other missing spots with higher understanding and love.

I had put my faith in doing it.  I had planted many seeds of prayers, for myself and for my loved ones.  I planted my earthly desires to bring forth for grandeur hopes to take place - because I wanted them, because I longed for them.  I cannot discover myself without first discovering the Universe, the earth and the imperatives of my own being.

Each breath of life, and each day and night, has a creative power and a vision far beyond any rational thought.  Far beyond any creations of which we are capable of.  I had spread my wings for love, for peace, for joy.  I joined the many more believers to bring the New Light in fully and letting the old Self to be taken away.

I prayed for wisdom to bring awareness not isolated from my own being or from the human community.  I had soaked myself in all layers of tranquility to receive and to radiate, and to progress on the path of my spiritual journey.  Yet, earth bound.  Yet, faith towards paradise, towards Heaven, towards mind-ful with one with the Universe.

Sunday, 11 July was a beautiful day.  It was not just another Sunday nor was it an objective for the ultimate, although most of us would think it was.  The purpose of giving a greater consciousness for the day's event was to allow our intelligent mind to move from awareness to resonate with our consciousness.  From words to wordlessness.  From faith to transcendent reality.  From expecting and needing to the acceptance for all the 'Just-Is'.  For calmness and peace which is beyond time and space.

I woke up on that beautiful Sunday morning feeling charged.  My soul knew it was a day for change to happen.  For all thought energies to be transformed and manifested the way they should be.  There was some kind of immense tranquility.  There was unexplained quality about the day.  There was some kind of subtle strong force shifting my consciousness into a deeper state of consciousness, somehow into an altered state of awareness.  I felt Mother Earth was fillled with prayers for hope, for love, for peace.  For prayers of all things good.

Perhaps, because I had wanted that day to be treated, and spent, differently.  Few days before, I had been urging family members and friends to observe 11 July, 2010.  I wanted the beauty of that day to be embraced by many.  I wanted the significance of the event to be experienced and enjoyed.  Everybody deserved the change it had promised us.

For each one of them to find his/her way to connect, and reconnect, to Self and God-Source.  To sit with the consciousness of the day to bathe the soul, the mind and to unload the pains, stresses and confusions.  To go deeper into the soul and to feel love for the Self.

For the Self to submerge into silence and entered into mindfulness.  To allow the mind to become clean and free of all negative conditioning and raise beyond the realms of words, and emotions, from within to fully bath in the cosmos for the divine bliss.  To love the Creator and the creations. 

In the breathing silence of the day, many reported that the intense heat of the day was somewhat cool.  There was pure detachment of the 'outside' and the 'inside'.  The solar eclipse of the day was supposedly to bring intense heat but for those who observed felt otherwise. 

Many felt tired during and after the meditation.  For the record, any forms of meditation should not deplete one's energy but to restore one's vitality.  Meditation is a simple structure to relax the mind that connects us with our innermost Self, the spiritual source and the wellspring of life force.

The cosmic energy of that day was amplified within the rare alignment of the Cardinal T-Cross (The Grand Cross) and the dual eclipses and caused the tornado waves sweeping across the planet.  There were three very significant astrological occurences: The ful moon lunar eclipse on 26, June, The solar eclipse on 11, July and the 5 planet alignment in July (The Cardinal T-Cross).  It happened to bring us the positive growth aspect.

A lot of interesting things happened and together, we had written a new story to our lives.  It had been a great compilation of prayers and promises that will only bring new awakening zone in our souls.

This event was among the most powerful energies felt on our planet for millenia.  The planet configuration and associated angles represented an extremely rare and extraordinarily unique frequency that can offer a template of magnanimous change.

It was the intense frequency of that day that made us went deeper into our state of consciousness.  The intensity altered that state of consciousness making ready for us to vibrate with the New Light.  It caused us to be a little uncomfortable.  It was only natural that we became 'exhausted' and felt a kind of fatigue that we could not explain.  Our energetic body just had to rest and to go through a passive meditation.

The tiredness that most of us felt was, in any form of meditation, about releasing some deeply rooted stress or psychic and emotional toxins.  Taking a nap at the end of the meditation on that day was a good thing.  It was all part of a gradual process of healing and transformation.

Our consciousness was altered.  Some may experience his/her consciousness rising on higher and subtler frequencies.  Some may find slipping into a silent or dream-like space.  Whatever took place on that day, it was about a subtle yet sure process of our consciousness being elevated and the transformation it is catalyzing.

Our role in this process was simply to surrender to it, to allow it to flow without blocking it, forcing it, or attempting to control it.  The New Light was extremely intense and was quite capable of throwing many of us off center, if we did not maintain our guard.  Did not maintain our focus and our positive thinking.

For the next four to five weeks, we need to stay calm, be patient, be creative, be wise and nurture ourselves and one another.  We have been promised a quantum leap if we consciously utilize this energy and retain our auric integrity.

Many have shared with me of positive new experiences after had spent that day with their renewed hopes and prayers.  I am in joy to hear of their stories.  My prayers for each one of them.  For all their faith and hopes and to their creation of new manifestations.

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