Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And The Grass Grows By Itself

Two newspapers, two horoscopes. Why don’t they ever agree?.

I am thankful to end the year doing what I like best.  I am grateful that the Universe bestow an honor on me to share what I know to others.  I am beaming with joy and with peace to dispose my knowledge.

That I am able to handover acts of spirituality to some people.  To be able to pass on Reiki healing, Reiki attunements and hours on spiritual sharing.  That I make some people to feel peaceful and joyful.  That I can contribute to their vision for a better new year, with a higher level of spiritual consciousness.  One that is greeted with their spiritual awakening and guiding their hunger for change.

Change.  Yes, we often look forward to the new year with high hopes to change.  Conveniently, we call it a resolution.  That, we believe we are making a firm determination at resolving to do something.  We hope to act on a course of actions of quality conditions.

We hope to change our life.  We hope to change our mind.  We hope to change our habits.  We hope to develop new concepts, new skills, new resources.  Change is inevitable.  Change is an important aspect; it is a preparedness to adaptability.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous change.  Asmuchas we reserve ourselves from change, it still affects us in one way or another.  Such is the unspoken language of life - sub-consciously, we need to fulfil both the life that we live and the un-lived life within us.  Change, generally, makes life to go forward. 

What is there in a life where there is no change?  Why change is important?  We just have to know why we need to change.  We need to have good reasons for change to be effective.  We need to have goals to ease the path of change.  We need to embrace change, instead of fighting it, for all possibilities to happen.

Over the Christmas period, I am grateful that I am given the chance to share, and be a part of their change.  It is a change for me too.  I am thankful for its experience, this moment of shared participation.  It is, with prayers, an event that is indicative of a celebration and of more good things to happen.  I am emotionally renewed at the same time.  Without them, and without their invitation, I will not be able to grow.

It is such an event that will let my spiritual plane, one that is important to me, to transcend the limitations of my emotions, feelings and thoughts.  It is such call that will let me to have a vast power to enable the infinite possibilities of existence to enter my spirit.

I am hungry for a bigger gain of a new unified perception of life.  I am dearly looking for a spirit consciousness where I can readily put all conflicting thoughts, ideas, events and life circumstances are reconciled into a greater harmony.  I just want people around me, those that I know near and far, never to experience sufferings and pains.

It hurts me.  It saddens me.

I am glad that I have allowed myself to be reached out.  I am glad that I forgo celebrating Christmas, and the long holidays, this year.  The greatest present I receive is one from the Divine Universe.  It provides me the effect of reducing the barriers between people.  Importantly so as these people mean a lot to me.  Importantly so, this event makes me to be myself and 'to let the grass grows by itself'.

I am thankful for the spiritual experience of One-ness.  That, it leads to the realization that these people's interests and concerns are no different than my own.  This experience carries a deep and abiding respect for us.  It leads us to increase our personal values - the energy towards happiness, trust, tolerance, openness, respect and good fortune.

I am grateful that the year is to end with Divine's joy and self-discovery.  I am grateful to be granted a state of utter calm even just for few days.  I am grateful to be given a physical experience of higher vibration in my body.  It is in such a state that I can free myself and to feel bliss.

It is in such a state that I will encourage my intuition, my knowing and my ability to receive evident guidance from God.  It is in such a state that I raise my body vibration to enhance quality of life by imbuing harmony, balance, joy and inner peace.  It is in such a state that I will be able to encourage others to evolve on their spiritual path. 

The last few days has opened that door.  This last few days has blessed us.  The reception of this increased Love and Light into our Being will project it into everything that we do, effecting and anchoring more Love and Light on our life on Earth.

Thank You for a great year, 2011.

For now, I am looking forward to a great new year, 2012.  I am making a prayer to allow our spirituality to evolve even much higher.  I am praying that we will walk into the new year with informed choices about how to approach our spirituality and seeking Divine Truth.  The days will be filled with us knowing our higher purpose towards peace and love.

To all my family, my friends and my readers "Happy New Year" to all!

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