Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For The Joy Of It All

What’s the youngest memory you can recall? Pleasant or sad?

[This is the second part of "A Tribute to Reiki Sanctuary, The Third Year".  You may want to read the Part One [HERE].]

Reiki Sanctuary is my mountain.  Reiki Sanctuary is the cave in the mountain.  Reiki Sanctuary is a lover, a friend, a comforter.  Reiki Sanctuary is wellness of life, my life.  It is my sacred place.  It is a place where my soul comes to live and be protected.  She is a safe haven.

I am very much comfortable just to be here.  I am at peace just to be here.  I am happy to be here.  I am fortunate that my soul finds the sense of life here.

Here, my dreams are made and visions met.  Here, my joys are heightened and peace is in harmony.  Here, where well being and the meaning of life are quilted.

It is easier for me to stay focused on being peaceful, even when life can be a struggle, right here in Reiki Sanctuary.  I am not sure whether it is my nature or it is the nature of Reiki Sanctuary that allows me to go into my inner self.

The Meditation Area

From the mountain, within Reiki Sanctuary, her horizon makes me to feel very aware of my being.  I am that inner self that cannot see the boundaries, the barriers place to the concept of my infinity and innocence.  I am aware of the endless search for fulfillment, for happiness, for material possessions,for spiritual enlightenment.

It is here that I accept my weakness.  It is here that I accept that I am only human.  It is here that I accept the process of being alive, with feeling of life and of God.  It is here that I must take responsibility for what I think about.  It is here that I need to focus on the sheer joy of being alive this day. 

Reiki Sanctuary is my refuge.  I feel comforted here.  I feel needed and wanted here.  When I look at her, Reiki Sanctuary enters into communication and union with me.  Many emotions and feelings are aroused as I am confronted by those aspects of her.  Either love or hate, accept or deny, trust or fear.

She comes into my life to awaken me of my possibilities.  She is here to show me that there is another side of me that, deep down inside, she knows about but I have forgotten.

She is here to make me to re-member the voice of my inner self.

She is here to make me to re-member that I do not need approval from others - either from my parents, from my soul partners, from my friends, from my peer groups or from society, to be the true expression of who I really am.

She is here to make me to re-member, from all my imaginations and my dreams, to reality.

From this mountain, I am here in Reiki Sanctuary to awaken my inner self to other possibilities about my existence on this planet.  I am here to expand my horizons, to open my eyes, my ears and my heart.

I am never much left alone here in Reiki Sanctuary.
I am never lonely here in Reiki Sanctuary.
I do not miss the crowds nor do I have strong yearning to be amongst them.  I do not feel despair nor do I feel empty and hopeless and longing when I allow my soul to rest in Reiki Sanctuary.
Perhaps, yes perhaps, I have allowed my soul and Reiki Sanctuary to come into an intimate relationship.  It makes us to care for each other.  It allows us to grow together.

Loneliness is an emotional state of mind, which is an illusion that derives from a simple judgment of separation.  It is a creeping fear out of lack of love for the inner self.

Reiki Sanctuary provides a sense of balance in my life between being with others and being alone.  Our connection is so strong that, even when I am by myself here, I feel bonded to someone.  That others are out there and will be there in spirit, if not in person, for me always.  I believe I have true friends and close family members and the security of having someone there for me when I need them.

Reiki Sanctuary has taught me to love my own being.  She has made me to feel about who I am.
Though situational self esteem (about what I do) fluctuates, she never leaves long void in my soul.  She minimizes the upset feelings, the emotionally blocked or losing my sense of self.

She constantly makes me to be aware that it is my own reflection, by what I think, that makes the difference as how I should live.  The judgement that I impose on myself will be the root of all the disease, all of the disharmony, all of the doubts, all the uneasiness i will feel in my body and my mind.

Everything that has happened to me, in this lifetime, is not a misfortunate mistake.  Nor has it been an error or sin.  I am the creator, consciously or unconsciously, everything that has happened to me.

I should recognize Reiki Sanctuary.  She is here so that I can, and should, evolve.

I should accept Reiki Sanctuary.  She is here for me to learn my lesson.  She is to teach me the lesson of separation from God.

There is, in reality, only one choice to be made.  I have to realize on evolution through acceptance and not to think that Reiki Sanctuary is a place through fear that moves from one crisis to another.  All that I have to do is to allow the possibility.  Allow the possibility that there are no boundaries to me.  Allow to create the intention to discover my limitlessness and my power.

All that I need to do is to accept my existence.  All that I have to do is to be the love and light.  All that I have to do is to make it real, to realize on worthiness, on vastness and the light I truly am.

Thank You, Reiki Sanctuary.
Thank You for the unconditional love.

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