Thursday, December 29, 2011

Don't, Don't Leave Me This Way

Do you think it would make a difference if everyone prayed all at once? Let’s try it.

You can’t unburn toast. Think twice before speaking in anger.

In few more days we will walk into the year 2012.  The year 2012 has been been documented into many prophecies and each describe them with mysterious interpretations.  There is a prediction of a deadly 11,500 year cycle when the ice age comes back where super volcanic activities, massive earthquakes, tsunamis and nasty hurricanes are experienced.  Then, it is also said where spiritual awakening and spiritual consciousness are rising at much higher rate.

Guess, the anxiety (and probably, fear) for the year 2012 starts with the wide spread belief with what was written in the Mayan Calender.  The Mayan Calender ends its date on 21 December 2012.  It has become, to many of us, a day of great significance.  Of something to ponder.  Of something to agree to disagree.  Of something to disagree to agree. 

Some believe that it will be the end of the world as well.  The idea of 'doomsday' - the apocalypse, prophesy or event tossed around the Mayan Calender.

Why is it such a wide spread belief? 

Historically, the Mayans were extremely advanced native civilization.  They had capabilities and many great astronomers, mathematicians, builders and built most amazing structures.  They are also keepers of ancient and scared knowledge of the planets, sun and moon and forthcoming world events.

The Mayans predicted the rise and set of the moon.  It also set dates for full moon.  Scientists, when studied, found the Mayan's prediction on this subject was 33 seconds off the actual time.

One of the most talked about prediction made by the Mayans is the 9-11 tragedy.  The Mayans predicted that there will be 'great birds will come from the sky and end a great city to the north at 9.11.01'.  Of course, this refers to the two airplanes that hit the Twin Towers in New York.

Why am I writing all these?

No, I am not going to add anything more to it here.  I have no theory.  A friend asks should we do anything special and should we get ourselves prepared?  Should we make ourselves ready?  Should we fit ourselves? 

My stand - take ownership of who and what we are already today.  This, to me, is the greatest gift of preparedness.  We just need to know what we stand for, that we are sparks of God.  We just need to know why we must live life in its right perspective, that we just need to expand love.  We just need to know how to live for that meaningful purpose.

We just have to continue to build on faith and then hold it truthfully into our soul and spirit.  We have to yearn for the beauty in prayer.  We have to create a life that is beyond physical needs and material activities.  All done to the beauty of our Creator and the source that we have come from.  We have to move forward to change yet we re-affirm our faith in full knowledge, as expected of a believer, in the quest for inner peace and external equilibrium.

We have to keep striving for the beauty of peace.    It is not simply a matter of striking for the right balance but a personal effort to live an ethical life informed by knowledge of what is right and appropriate in any given situation.  Whether we see the fruition of any religious or scientific predictions, we must lead a productive live without regret and be prepared for our ultimate demise.

We must live stress free, worry free and regret free.  We should strive on how to live well, in awareness and in higher consciousness.  We should raise our level of realization.  We must realize that everything is just a stepping stone that brings us to a point of clarity and awareness.

We must live right for our own life, for our families and friends and to live by the natural law that pervade every religion and culture.  We have to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for a disastrous end to start living well.

What we can do for now, and offer to our spirit and soul today, is to show strength, desire and love.  We should realize that we are gifted with rational faculties and spiritual aspirations as well as powers of actions.  We are endowed with spiritual potentialities and intellectual inclinations.

We should focus on improving our Self and get to know our Higher Self.  We need to bring our Self, and the Higher Self, to be in touch with the ultimate Divine Truth which is only found in and through our spirit and soul.

We need to believe that we are a spiritual Being.  Perhaps, all these talks about end of the world is to wake us up.  To let us know who we really are.  Perhaps, these are signs to make us to realize our true Self and to the path of God.

I truly believe that every person is born free from sin.  We are not only free from sin, until we commit one, but we are also free to do things according to our plans on our own responsibility.  We are the painter and the author of our own book.  Often, I quote 'I come alone and shall leave this world alone' and that I must bear my own burden and be responsible for my own actions.  No one else can expiate for an other's choices and actions.

Really, with so much talks about 21 December 2012, I am praying that my knowledge and all my spiritual quest and wisdom will not leave me.  They will stay only to be empowered deeper and higher. 

I am seeking for Divine guide.  I am seeking for Divine peace and love.  I intend to move forward to own responsibilities of my words, acts, intentions and my thoughts.  I am seeking for an unshakable sound convictions on faith to inspire good actions, without any deception or compulsion.

In the end, there is really no way for all of us to know until it happens.

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