Monday, January 16, 2012

The Days of Rushing Emotions

It’s easier to save money than to make more.  It’s sometimes easier to just do it, than it is to talk about doing it.

Is forgiveness such a difficult emotion to embrace?  Can the component of emotions be separated from the inter-relationship of the mind and the heart?  How can an individual be totally appeased with conflicting decisions?

Human emotions are, in such singlish turn of phrase, a heck-care roller coaster.  It is not an easy phenomena to digest.  It is a bagful mixture of emotional responses often involved directly with the circumstances  give rise from an external component.  One can keep his joy but it may not be necessarily shared with the people around him.    Another may be filled with anger but the people around him can emote otherwise.

There are just too many components that lead an individual to act at different situations.  The state of mind during anger, for example, is different from that when one is happy.  Then, there is a state of mind that fails to become conclusive - to come to a final decision, especially when there are differences in quality based on emotion shared among people.

Human emotions, somehow, are hard from being independent.  We have been conditioned to think for others rather than to seek for the divine nature in us first.  We fail to manifest the divinity within us and to give it a priority.  Such an emphasis leads our emotion to an evolutionary patterns of confusion.  It is such a typical situation that makes us to think that life is a bitch.

Human emotions are thus a complex orchestra.  The stimuli of each basic emotion, say sadness, happiness, anger or disgust, form other emotions that include compassion, hate, rage and more.  It is such diverse reactions to emotion that shape the essence of life for mankind.

Our emotions play an extremely important role.  The fact that it is not an easy task to contain our emotions from running amok, the reality to lead a spiritual life can be rather daunting.  It makes it difficult to accept the notion that every soul is divine and that there is a spark of God in all of us.  That God exists in all beings.

We live in an unfathomable sea of infinite emotions.  Our subconscious is very sensitive to our conscious thoughts.  Those conscious thoughts form the knowledge center responsible for logic and reasoning which the infinite intelligence, wisdom, vital forces and energies of the subconscious flow.  Any great life motivators and coachers will urge us to shape that center in a more positive direction to our greater benefit.  Unfortunately, it can be easily said than done.

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Wisdom is not a matter of mere talking.  It is a difficult energy to express it.  It is knitted into morality and opens the door to a maze of different degrees of conscience.  In the domain of life, the criterion of judgement lies within it.  It takes great courage and conviction for an individual to be different.  It can lead to an unpopular move and action.

We often come to a a situation where a group of friends has to take a stand.  A ir-reconciable conflict between two people within the group can affect the group dynamic.  It takes a saint to influence the rationale outcome.  An outcome that must be free from bias and prejudice.  An outcome that can bring about the divine in human being.  A situation where the whole group can focus upon an instance where God and humanity become one.

How does one choose to act on his divinity without upsetting the group dynamic?  How does one scatter an act of divine righteousness and strike the mission towards complete balance and harmony?  How much does it take for us to realize that, in reality, man is God himself? 

It makes me to think of the Sun.  The Sun is an analogy of an individual who would act with his courage and conviction to unite differences.   How little, actually, we think of the Sun's divine nature and taking for granted that it will rise every morning to provide Man with all his needs.  The Sun is the source of all life forms on Mother Earth.  Without its rays, the earth will be a desolate waste.

Can a person be another Jesus? or Prophet Muhammad or Buddha?  One, who is the Sun, to bring awareness to mankind of his divine spiritual nature.  One that can succeed to eradicate consciousness for un-ending peace, joy, beauty and perfection.  One that can keep many of our position to experience the Divine, the source of treasure of eternal life.

Human emotions affect us every day in every aspect of our life.  As human beings, we all experience a wide range of emotions.  They influence the reactions we are in - how we spend money, what we like to eat, where to go or how social we are and are not.  It develops our likes and dislikes, our preferences and passions.  They become the cumulative effect of all that we have learned, all that we have lived, loved and suffered.

Emotions are said to teach us lessons.  Yet, balancing what we are feeling and the conscious choices we have to make may lead to a dilemma, sometimes.  Many of us surely already know when we allow our emotions too much control over our lives, they can affect our choices, our happiness and our motivation.

Managing personal emotions is less tricky compared to manage a group dynamic.  People, based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, have different social needs.  The desire for a perfect cohesion in group interaction dynamic is an uphill task.  Though it is always possible to bring about successful cohesive group, there needs a constant sense of shared purpose and a collective identity of belonging.

There is an urgent need to re-member the divine nature that drives group dynamics.  In this state, all individuals in the group need to understand about their Being.  There must be faith and purity of heart towards a common goal - Love.

We build relationship for it to last and ties that support life.  Those who recognize these value and beauty realize their potential in the highest sense.  It unfolds their inner soul, their divine qualities and a universal cosmic feeling. 

One should do everything necessary to remain in constant inner divine grace.  With this as a basis, one should constantly progress.  A life in tune with such awareness brings out the powerful awareness of the infinite.  All nature is God for him.  Every work, every thought, every feeling, every attitude, every activity in life becomes a means for God experience.

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