Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Reunion

A true warrior doesn’t need a gun. The battles he wins are not against external enemies.

G uess it has come a time, for all of us, to be what we are meant to be.  Our awareness should have opened up by now.  Our consciousness should have elevated by now.  Our realization has made us to feel differently, for the better, now.  Things all around us, in its subtle forms, have changed. 

What we used to like previously is no longer giving us satisfaction.  In fact, it has raised the vibration higher where we we feel something bigger is to happen.  We want something bigger now.  We want something more now.  The days of being happy are now replaced with a deep desire for peace.  The days of being lonely are empowered with a belief of co-existence with divine grace.   The desires for personal core values are now discharged in a constant flux to sense of self.

Unfortunately, as the change of these energetic life forces is subtle, often the desire to achieve all that we now want leads us to a state of confusion.  Our conscience stops us from progressing further.  We feel that it is not right to ask yet we also know that we deserve better.  There is conflicting ideology seeking for clarity and agreement.  We lose to control fear of exploitation and loss of self in the presence of these new needs and desires.

What are we meant to be?

We should no longer just believe in God.  We should no longer just believe that He is all outside us.  We should no longer just believe that we can get much closer to Him in church, in a mosque or in any sacred place.

I strongly believe that the Time has come for us to invite God into us.  Time has shown me, time and time again these past few weeks on this urgent call.  It has come to me in various forms of communication.  It has come to me with the same evidence and information.

[For those of my friends and readers who have cultural or religious problem with the word 'God', replace the word with 'Love' instead.]

Perhaps, it is now our last journey home to God.  It is a journey of self renewal.  It is a journey of self empowerment.  It has nothing to do with the year 2012 - hence, there is no need to think the world will come to an end.  But, definitely, it is a year of cleansing, of detoxifying our soul and spirit for a higher co-existence with God.

We are now asked to recognize our (own) ways that this co-existence is possible.  This is our salvation.  When we focus on God - or Love, we find our way to the source.  Of who we are meant to be.  It shall be our spiritual development, moving step by step, up into higher spheres of vibration to finally reach into a state of God-Realization.

As we get closer to our source, we perceive more and more precisely the loving truth of God.  We become increasingly enlightened of our consciousness and awareness of all of God sparks inside us.  We recognize that we are god.

I believe we have the potential to become god.  It is only the tradition of the world that teaches this thing as not true.

We have to re-connect and invite God to live in all parts of our body, in all aspects of our divine Being.  In all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  We have to allow our body to transform to a higher vibration.  We have to make our soul and spirit a Divine House of God.

We need to know what God is all about to become god ourselves.  We need to know His attributes to let us to live His ways.  To think His ways.  To act His ways.  We need to devote and surrender our love to Him so to be Him.

However, we need to know the differences.  Even though we can be god, we are not on the same level as God, the Creator.  We are like Him in that we have His potentials. The world needs us to be aware of this now to heal mankind.  It is the only way for such divine vibration, of Love, to progress further.

In order to reach that potential, there is a transformation that we must go through.  We need to be aware of our thoughts, of how we have thought God to be.  We need to be aware of our feelings of this Supreme Being - are we God fearing or God loving?  We need to see-feel-hear our soul about inviting God into our physical body.

The journey to God starts when we are able to dissolve all the obstacles of life.  When we are able to let everything vanishes leaving but pure Divinity within ourselves.  Only when fear subsides and faith takes over, only when we allow God to be inside us that there will be lots of interesting lessons and experiences ahead of us.  Life starts to become more and more filled with joy and divine bliss.

It shall be the beginning to understand the cause of happenings.  The reasons to all illnesses, accidents and synchronicity.  We will have the knowledge, and importantly the wisdom, to understand the causes of hate, anger, wars and all the complicated happenings of earth and around us.  We start to understand why people behave the way they do.  It is this understanding that will make us to accept and to love everyone and anyone anytime.

It shall be the time where we realize that love is what all people are starving for.  It is this Divine Life-Force, the sparks of God, that will keep our physical body alive with God and His potentials that is ahead of us.

My prayers for us to free ourselves now and lift our soul and spirit up to God.  To allow our body to host Him and may this union become the experience of mankind to strive for.

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