Sunday, February 03, 2013

Here Is Where I Grow

God, I Do Love You

Every room and every item in our home has its own energy and vibrations.  Each carries its own informational consciousness.  Each has its own life patterns and manifestations.  Importantly, to create good energy for each room, it is notable that we remember each room has its own soul, almost symmetrical to a human.  It has a sense of being and it works energetically with the dweller.  It has great significance, values and frequencies.

It is, therefore, essential that we respect every room.  We should take the effort that it is well taken care off.  We should synchronize her soul to be a part of us and we have to fine tune the vibrations to work in partnership with us.  All that we need to do is to, constantly, nurture the nature.  Just as much as we want our Being to be respected, to be loved and to live a harmonious and balanced life, so does every room. 

Should a room is cluttered, more than often the consciousness of the dweller displays the same energy too.  Should a room is left unattended and uncared, there is always a missing element in the dweller's life.  The energy of the house has great influence in shaping up our life.  The soul of our house compliments the soul of our body, our mind, our emotion and our spiritual growth.

Many of my friends know how much OCD I am when it comes to taking care of Reiki Sanctuary.  Many know that I will, at least, tidy up and mop the whole house daily.  It is not entirely about house proud nor it has to be spick and span to make living here uncomfortable.  On the contrary, the idea that Reiki Sanctuary has to be clean, neat and tidy comes from my awareness on how energy works.  How this energy gives the desirable form to the quality of life.

Yes, energy is very subtle - perhaps very elusive, and the only way to resonate with it is when we open a gateway to receive its consciousness.  There is no school nor ultimate scientific proof to demonstrate the power.  There is absolutely nothing, nor could we form any conclusive suggestions,  to measure the consciousness of the house to effect the consciousness of our Being.  Such, it makes our acceptance to its significance almost impossible.

 I create the doorway for Universal energy to enter into Reiki Sanctuary from day one I moved in here.  It has always been intentional, whether with the placement of objects at certain areas or making the effort to clean her often.  The principle behind my knowledge on Tibetan Geomancy plays a big part too.  What I am consciously doing is to increase the vibrations.  What I am wishing for is to allow our souls to be in harmony and to achieve my life desires.

Lets face it, all of life is energy that vibrates.  Very simply stated, should I want to attract an experience to change any aspect of life, heal any diseases, create abundance and achieve transfiguration of my physical body into the ascended realm, I have to create the frequency to match mine.

Looking back, I believe it is my OCD that quickens the rate to raise my vibrations.  It is, in my personal experience, faster than sitting down to meditate.  Every time that I clean every room of the house, I am into meditation.  The only difference, I am doing the awareness with open eyes and moving actions towards achieving a state of purity in the form of a clean, neat and tidy area.  I believe,  together with my Reiki practices, I allow these vibrational frequencies to raise synonymously.

Balcony at Reiki Sanctuary, January 2013

Reiki Sanctuary's Balcony - This is one place in Reiki Sanctuary that I spend much of my time, when awake.  The other is in the Study Room and, of course, the bedroom too.  I love sitting at the Balcony to have a good one to one chat with a friend or doing my meditation.  There is a certain energy here.  Very often, it makes me to feel human while it also encourages my higher self to experience another realm.  It is a place where communication is often effective, where lessons are reflected and learned and it is a place where certain awareness is brought into higher consciousness.

I take great care to make sure that the vibration here speaks the language of the Universe.  It has to be a clean, neat and tidy place.  It has to be a place where my soul can easily reach out to others and to the Universe.  It must brings in the energy of love, of serenity, of tranquility and, importantly, it is a comfortable area where I can communicate with God.

Yes, I am proud of Reiki Sanctuary's Balcony.  She has often provided me with many touches of heaven on earth here. 

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