Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Broaden World, The Larger Mind

God, In You I Find So Much Peace

In June 2011, I wrote about my transition (in Broaden The Mind, Broaden Thy World) which I thought would last me, err, forever.  I must say, reading through the article again makes me a failure now.  I feel that I have contradicted myself.  Then again, perhaps at that time I gave in so as to avoid the extra renovation when I was still not fully convinced with the wifi internet connectivity.  I mentioned, in that article, that I would still prefer a wired network.

Note to myself:  Ah, is this just another excuse?

It has to do with the power of the mind.  As much as I have slowly getting used to wifi, deep inside me still wonder if I had made the right decision.  Especially when I constantly have things to download, live media streaming and data uploads.  Especially when I know the download speed on wired connection will more than double.  Honestly, should I want to be calculative, to pay for a high end broadband package and not utilize the service is not cost effective. 

Of late, I keep getting bad wifi internet  connectivity, almost every day.  My service provider claims that it has nothing to do with their server.  All that they can offer was to ask me to reboot and/or reset the internet modem and router.  Alright, the technical staffs are patience to go through the troubleshoot procedures over the phone.  Kudos to that!, but the problems keep surfacing.  How can it be repeatedly happening when switching off and on to reboot the hardware (both the OpenNet Terminal modem and my ISP's router) have been done for few times? 

The situation probably has come to a point where my neighbours have also subscribed to fibre broadband.  Probably, my guessing, wifi connectivity is jammed.  There are now more wifi networks within my vicinity.  Switching the channel to minimize transmission congestion on the router does not seem to help.  I still get connectivity interferences with drastic dropped wifi bars and worse, at times, I just completely cannot surf the net.

A decision has to be made.  Do I want to keep calling my ISP, rebooting and/or resetting the modem and the router?  Do I need to constantly scanning for the cleanest channel?  Do I want to invest (well, the right phrase should be 'wasting my money') on another router and still cannot guarantee a stable wifi internet connectivity?  Importantly, do I want to allow myself to be frustrated when, obviously, something is just not right (and so I want to think)?

The Universe seems to have the answer.  When I call my electrician to enquire about his availability to wire my internet connectivity, knowing his heavy schedules, I am surprised that he offers to do it the next day.  He is able to deploy his supervisor and a worker to attend the works.  What makes it even more excited and easier to decide is when he tells me that his workers can patch up the false ceiling too, without having me to get another contractor.  It makes everything so simple.  Of course, the other consideration is whether I am willing to go through, and cleaning up, the mess and the dust.

Knowing that this is the only way out for me, I take the chance.  Importantly, the only guaranteed thing is that I will get a good speed. 

The supervisor fixing the LAN cables under the TV Console.  He was one of the guys that did our place four years ago during the major renovation.

This is just one of the few areas - False ceiling cut and hole drilled on the wall between Guest Room and Living Area.
Mess In Study Room

As expected, it is a messy and dusty small renovation.  Altogether, they have to drill two holes, one wall between Living and Guest Rooms and another between Guest and Study Rooms, and cut the false ceiling and big enough for three LAN cables  to run from the Living Room all the way to the Study.  This is the only way to run the cables as we have the OpenNet Terminal Point in the Living Room.

After a day of cleaning up, less the re-painting, I am glad with the result.  As it shows, I feel that I am paying the subscription for what it is worth.

Speed Test done as at today on Cat-6 LAN cable

Guess, the lesson here is - when we want it, the Universe will conspire.  Deep inside me, I have always wanted a wired connection.  Perhaps, I was fooling myself as to avoid the extra renovation cost and the plain laziness to clean up that made me to settle for an easy way out - Wifi Internet Connectivity.  Another lesson:  Do watch what we think about!

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