Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Re-Making of Reiki Sanctuary

Ruts are as hard to get out of as they are easy to fall into.

Two things that make me happy today. 

One, as I walked out of the house earlier today, I was greeted with so much light.  Haha, it was not about an angelic light nor was it any thunder of light greeted upon me.  It was about the brightness of space, of new walls and paints, as I opened the door.  Just outside of Reiki Sanctuary, things had changed - but for now that story can wait.

Two, as I signed into my blog, I found that a friend had (yes! at last!) updated his blog (Life Is Still Good).  It was all smiles as I read his entry.  Smile, cos I had often encouraged everyone and anyone to strive for a clean, uncluttered and tidy house.  Smile, cos I had (probably) made this friend to think about the Law of Vacuum.

Smile, because I am so happy that this friend and, also, my sister are taking charge to change the course of their lives.  They engage themselves to be proactive.  That, in order to change for better energies within us, our environment needs to be accorded with change too.  It needs to synchronize with each other to balance the harmony.

These two individuals, my dear friend and my dearest sister, were spring cleaning their house!  This, I truly believe, will change about everything around them.

We do not have to wait for a right occasion to change an environment around us.  Especially when it has to do with house cleaning.  Personally, we should always be proud of our home; it is an heaven on earth.  It houses our psychical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  It is, therefore, only right that we take good care of it to provide our body with all the infinite universal wealth upon us.

When we take charge to work in partnership with all the things around us, giving life to each and every living and non living things, we stride ourselves into a higher plane.  We start to acknowledge the abundance of life.  We integrate with an infinite universal soul, where all our wants and wishes in life will no longer have limits nor boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude.

This is my message to him -- Congratulations, my dear friend!  It is nice to hear that you have taken the actions where you 'decided to put (yourself) in the driver's seat .. and take control (of it)'!  Just as it is comfortable for us to look good and it is important to feel clean everyday, the soul of the house needs the same emotions too.  I strongly believe that your energy, and all of your vibrations (inside and outside), will start to change hereon.

This is my message to my sister -- Congratulations and Best Wishes.  As it is, just with starting a small area cleaning up your kitchen, you have already felt so much different.  I am glad to hear that abundance has also come when you started cleaning up the Wealth Area in your house too.  There will be many more good things awaiting.  But, importantly, there will be thousand folds of joy and peace that will envelope you and your family.

One of the reasons that I decided on the recent two weeks' spring cleaning, it had to do with the almost completion of the Lift Upgrading Program.  Reiki Sanctuary had kinda suffered from heavy noises and flying dusts for the last four months.  There were heavy structural hacking of walls and construction of new parapet walkways.  She had been caged-in with most of her windows closed all throughout the day, six days a week from eight in the morning till six in the evening.

Still, there were fragments of dust sipped through.  There were dusts on the kitchen tops.  There were dusts on the floor tiles, from the living to kitchen and toilet.  There were dusts on the balcony chengal woods.  There were dusts on all the plants.

Now (with the latest letter from the contractor) that all the necessary structural hacking will come to an end soon, my conscience compelled for a head start to bring Reiki Sanctuary back to her glory.  These four months have been long.

I have been avoiding having much friends over soon as the Upgrading started.  I just do not feel good to invite them.  But, in all the inconveniences, I truly appreciate the hard works of all the workers.  It was, indeed, hard and tiring laborious tasks.  It was all for the convenience of the residents.

Chronological Photo Story:

Early June 2011.
Workers started to erect scaffolds from the ground floor up.

Mid August 2011.
Hacked of walls for lift (far left of picture)
Constructed concrete parapet walkway and railings (center of picture)

Mid July to Early September 2011.
An everyday sight just outside Reiki Sanctuary.  A locked gate towards the newly built concrete parapet walkway towards the new lift.

Removed of scaffolds with newly painted walls.
Indeed, it is now so bright and .. OMG, beautiful!  Yes, I feel 'so new' living here.

Workers removing scaffolds on lower ground.

The newly built concrete parapet walkway towards the new (incomplete) lift.

This is a new feature to the block (New rails on staircase landing).  Previously, it was a slab of wall.  With the Upgrading, it has been replaced with railing.  It definitely brings in the light.  Unfortunately, the picture does not justify it.

Just standing outside Reiki Sanctuary, it gives me with a new feeling.  I feel uplifted, energized and somewhat thrilled.

And I just have to wait for the end to come!, and hopefully pretty soon.  I was telling a friend today, as she dropped by, that it would be nice just to walk on the walkway to and fro the lift.

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