Monday, December 29, 2008

As We Say GoodBye To A Wonderful 2008 ...

This year has been a time of developmental phase.  An enormous interchange of comforts in [almost] every aspect of our journey - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Nature intercepted us unexpectedly.  Along with it, and yet again, it brings about the value of change in us.  It has been a year of revelation.  A year where we, directly and indirectly, engage with the flow of forces.

In metaphysical perspective, 2008 brings us to a reality beyond the world of physical forces and, at the same time, enriching our soul and mind to engage with the mysterious transcendence of thoughts.  Our accomplishment, as I read James Allen's "The Life Triumphant: Mastering the heart and mind", speaks volume of where we are today:

"Every being lives in his own mental world.  His joys and sorrows are the creations of his own mind, and are dependent upon the mind for their existence. 

In the midst of the world, darkened with many sins and sorrows, in which the majority live, there abides another world, lighted up with shining virtues and unpolluted joy, in which the perfect ones live. 

This world can be found and entered, and the way to it is by self-control and moral excellence.  It is the world of the perfect life, and it rightly belongs to man, who is not complete until crowned with perfection. 

The perfect life is not the faraway, impossible thing that men who are in darkness imagine it to be; it is supremely possible, and very near and real. 

Man remains a craving, weeping, sinning, repenting creature just so long as he wills to do so by clinging to those weak conditions.  But when he wills to shake off his dark dreams and to rise, he arises and achieves."


How I want to interpret these messages:

01.  We are the creator of our own live.  As long as we want to live life, we need to be the captain of our mind (and heart too).

02.  We are living in abundance.  It is how we manifest it.  How we allowing this phenomenon to be part of our thinking process.  How we accept the law of attractions - together with all the coincidences, and to allow the Law of Process to shape the end result. 

03.  Only when we open our mind, we open the  Manifestation Gateway.  This will lead us to access the abundance, that is rightly ours.  In its subtlety, what we think is what we get.  We get love because we want it.  We get hurt because we want it.

04.  Success awaits all men who strongly desire for it.


2008 greets us, in her natural life force, with a paradox of choice.  It engineers, and probably testing, our mental capacity towards the meaning of 'Being in the flow of life'. 

It makes us think, and generate our feelings, to create the energy for our future.  Perhaps, the Universe is trying to understand the way we want our lives to be, for the next year and years ahead.  Perhaps, she is connecting us to a causal principle.  Do we want to live life in abundance and allow the rich experiences for a magical existence?  Or do we want to reject the opportunity to grow with life force energy and enter into moral decline?

Life is a manifestation of what we think, and feel.  In the cohort for better life, in all the positive character and conduct, we make a choice that 2008 would be a transcendental year.  We choose to move out of our comfort zone to something bigger. 

We let go of Hertford for Reiki Sanctuary.  We let go of the calm strength of where we used to live, for almost 20 years, to stand face to face with a new ground.  We make a mental remark that it is to a higher ground.  It is our mental superlative victory.

We are creating a want for a better future.  One that holds us, on Mother Earth, to yield for a physical triumphant.  It is not about material reward nor a glorious material show-off but for a gratitude of thoughts and feeling good about ourselves and our lives. 

The Universe has always taught us to be in the flow.  To live life in miracles rather than believing in miracles to happen.  It is about having an assistant in our physical spirit world to put events (to come) together.  It is more about us than the events themselves.

Only when we can take care, and take charge, of our lives that we can start to generate the cycle.  In all things well, the magnificent of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual will bring about meaningful coincidences all around us.

And so the flow has started.  It starts with the year 2008.  The birth of this blog triggered, in no uncertainty about it, from the seed of joy.  The Want for a joyful soul.  This blog is about a gratitude for the gift that it has brought upon us.  It is about a relationship with our true nature for guidance to our best next step.  It bridges all faith, excitement and anticipation and opens our world.

Love has taken a new meaning in 2008 too.  When there is conviction for faith and courage, our true nature [Love] is not separate from the Universe that we are all part of.  Like attracts like and, in ever a constant battle for choices, we perpetuate the same kind of emotional energy.  2008 generates a lesson where for all the past actions that we cannot change, it is giving us a second chance to change our attitude and get off of our position about it.

2008 greets us with a higher vibrational energy.  It constantly fills with a loving act for acceptance.  And forgiveness.  We are not to remain forever a schoolboy in the Universe but becoming a confident and skilled souls, living in understanding and peace and not in ignorance and misery.  We become more open with communication even when there are topics that could come to grief.

We are thankful for all the positive synchronicity that the year 2008 has brought us.  The blessings that we will cherish.  The love that has been showered.  The giving, caring, hoping, expecting, celebrating and being passionate about everything.

Soon, as we greet another new year, we want to look back at 2008 with personal reflection.  That, with all the joyous gifts aside, we are still a learning imperfect individuals.  We may have hurt some people - our families, our friends and acquaintances - through our actions and/or words intentionally or unintended.

We have always tried to live life in harmony, to bring joy and peace amongst us.  To respect.  To love.  To care.  To give.  And as always, we have always been thankful for all your presence in our lives.

In our imperfection, we seek for forgiveness.

We have always loved all of you.  Maybe, it is just not enough.

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