Friday, December 05, 2008

Partnership With House Plants

A Dedication To All Our House Plants in Reiki Sanctuary

We love having plants in the house.  They are just a simple placement art - a life-affirming nature that frees us to enjoy our surroundings and releases inner peace.

Admittedly, we don't have green thumb.  All throughout, when we were in Hertford, many plants were brought home and withered (Haha, this would be a better word than to say that they all died in our hands).  Still, the love to have them sharing our home constantly keeps us getting new ones every now and then.  Here, in Reiki Sanctuary, we keep that love alive.  We welcome them.  Letting them to purify and bring fresh chi into the environment around us.

Our all-time favourite Iron Plant:

"Safe Keeper"

"Sweet Surrender"

"Love Angel"

We fell in love with this plant when we were scouting for a tall foliage for the balcony.  The formation of the branches is an art and it is, always, so peaceful just looking at the natural beauty.

"Sweet Life"

And our newest 'collection':
We were introduced to this plant by a friend and was told it brings abundance.


Other plants:

"Foodie Goodie"



as it brings light and joy in the living room.  Having artificial flowers are far better, and advisable, than to have dried ones in the house:

House plants are, based on geomancy, a simple solution for creating comfort and keeping harmony in the house.  They are great for clearing blocked and stagnant energies.  It is said that caring for house plants does not require a green thumb but love.  Ah!! *Blink, blink* - we have a lot of it! Heng!

In geomancy, the purpose of having house plants is to generate good chi.  Its rationale is, since plants embody the element of wood, thus they contain the life force.  In return, their life force attracts vital energy to energize the room and clear the air, mentally and physically.  In that relaxing sense of space, it rejuvenates our emotions and uplifts our spiritual mind.

Observe how a plant can actually revitalise and provide mental relaxation after a long day.  Or even after arguments or unsettling events.  Their life force simply spreads calmness and peace for the soul.  Plants are also believed to lessen the effects of electromagnetic stress emitted from TVs and other electrical equipment.  They absorb potentially harmful EMF emissions.

However, What we give is what we get.  We would be a fool to expect so much if we are not going to reciprocate.  There is always a limit to everything.  It's a simple nature versus nurture attitude.  When we give love, we get love.  When we nurture love, anything is possible.

House plants need to be cared too.  The more we give, the more we get. It is important to know that house plants can stagnant the energies in the house and produce negative chi if the they are not cared for adequately.

Some guides to care for house plants to achieve optimum feng shui:

01.  Watering Your Plants

Create a water ritual to water them on a regularly basis.  As you water your house plants, visualize the plants as strong and healthy and with every drop of water, they become more vibrant.

02. Name Your House Plants

Name each house plant.  The more you personalize them, you are more likely to give them more tender loving care.

03.  Purpose for Your House Plants

Give a purpose to each house plant.  For example,  make a plant responsible for bringing wealth and abundance into your house.  For many, we have always taken the Money Plant to represent money.  As we water it, visualize each leaf as a thousand dollar bill, or whatever the denomination you desire.  For the wealth to grow, you must care for it and then let it be to grow into a vibrant and healthy plant.

Reiki Sanctuary welcomes "Ah Huat!" at her door step:

You can have different plants for different purposes:

-  Health
-  Career
-  Self Esteem
-  Etc

04.  What You Give Is What You Get

It is important to care for the house plants.  Place them in a container that is visually aesthetic to you, and your family.  Do not place them in an old pot that remind you of a difficult time in your past.  Treat them with respect.  Dress them with love.  Give your faith.

Take care of your plants and they will take care of you!

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