Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Shambhalistic Life -- A Blessing

As the days passed, that we are settling comfortably here in Reiki Sanctuary, a new insight has started to become surreal.  Perhaps, it is the path of truth.  And, I just want to believe it is so.  An awakening of mindfulness on the path to immortality. A valuable gift, which was once given, lost.  Not that it was robbed away but, a lack of gratitude and mindless oblivious negligence, made it so easy to slip away.

That's the power of gratitude.  When, and only when, we internalize the appreciation - big or small, everything will fall into places.  More so, when gratitude is about feeling the effect and rejoicing the fulfillment with happiness and delight. That, it stays within us even when life hits us at the lowest pit.  In joy, in sadness, in health or even in sickness. 

Just as an arrowsmith shapes an arrow to perfection, gratitude shapes a well rewarded synchronicity to better things to life.  Life becomes the thought energy we seek.  What we think is what it becomes.  It is confronting, proceeding without attachment, of building a mind as solid as a fortified city.

It is what we focus that attracts the coincidences into reality.  A thought is an energy that vibrates and orchestrates an accomplishment.  We just need to harness it for our own good.  We need to learn to own, and take charge, the thought energy and to (let it) bring us to a journey filled with joy and peace.  We should guard what we have already acquired, or conquered, or learned and further create for a more well-being soul.

I become what I think about.  The me I see is the me that it shall be.  It is, yes!, that simple.  Allowing the positive consciousness to guide our mind shall result in all things well.  The same goes with all the negative consciousness.  That when we rein our mind - which is often unruly, capricious and rushing wherever it pleases, life will bring its rewards.  Everyday, we just need to pay a little bit more attention to it.  Effortlessly, we just have to keep the best while throwing the rest.

And I just love the saying "Emotional baggage can be heavy, carry only what you need."  How true!

"Eternity" Flowering in Master Bedroom

Reiki Sanctuary has blessed us.  There are astonishing events that have taken place and each one of them ingrained a sense of heightened joy.  Each provided a serene security to our souls.  We found that we now send out sufficient energy and coincidences are attracted to whatever we are after.  Even 'Eternity' has started to show sign to flower.  The aroma it brings, superior in its nature of right action, lies upon us the perfect freedom through perfect knowledge.  It represents a fruition of our awareness to rise above the limitations to the limitations of the world.

Reiki Sanctuary raised our spiritual attunement to a higher level.  She presents us with life of heaven and earth coming together.  She is the Shambhala of our new frontier.  She magnifies our prayer energy and freely attracts a synchronistic process.

We moved into Reiki Sanctuary in a time where the earth grid has changed.  In our gratitude, it nurtures our faith and actualizes our mindful awareness.  Somehow, we are beginning to observe an extra dimensional of our thought process.  It is no longer about watching our thought but living with the energy.  About synchronicity, intuition and personal destiny.

What we think comes about.  What we say comes about.  In the mystic world of Shambhala, guess we are now in touch with the mysteries of great masters.  And we can only be thankful that the time has come to us.

"And YES!, we want it!"

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