Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Broaden The Mind, Broaden Thy World

Actions, positive or negative, do not go unrewarded.

Admittedly, I am rather an old-fashioned guy.  Perhaps, a little traditional and conservative.  Worse, am I still living in the past?  Which - haha, as most of us would prefer to deny it and more so in my case here is rather, philosophically, contradicting.  Here I am, a person who would want to flow with time and with opportunities but, somehow, I am in a world of skepticism when it comes to wireless communication - The World of Wi-Fi.  But, I must acknowledge that wireless network is the way to go as we advance forward in the ever changing technology.

I always have this disturbing idea where wireless communication performs rather ineffectively.  Should the modem (or the router) is not strategically placed, internet access in any computer network around the house is affected and very possible that, say, surfing the net can be a pain in the ass.  Perhaps, I have had bad experience dealing with router, its configuration and the weak signals, reception and speed.  Then again, when it comes to technology, it is often said that 'technology is not the problem but it is an issue with the human'.

I just have to tell myself that I need to learn.  That I need to read, and find out, a little bit more.  That I need to overcome the fear.  Ironically, I used to tell some people not to be afraid of the computers and never to live a life not knowing what is Internet; it is here to serve us and not the other way round.  Technology has evolved but it has always changed not to complicate things.  It is supposed to make life, and lifestyle, easier.

Alan Watts wrote "Technology is destructive only in the hands of people who do not realize that they are one and the same process as the Universe."  I believe that I have to own a new paradigm of thought.  I have to think outside the box.  I have to focus on the good things, those that I clearly and dearly want, and not on what will fail.

Wireless communication offers mobility and convenience.  The devices literally dispense us with the need for wires.  In turn, it frees up space and eliminates clutter.  There is no need for re-wiring.  With no wires or cables to route, a wireless communication system is, inherently, more flexible than the traditional wired network.  When it comes to security and reliability, one just has to read a little more about authentication and encryption.

The one wasted thing that I lost, from the way I used to think, is the free OpenNet optic fibre installation.  Should I have taken up their offer to wire up last year, I will save some $200 for routing up Reiki Sanctuary into a technology highway.

Back then, the hesitation was on two things:

01.  I would prefer a wired network.

Going on this logic, we have to call our contractors to supervise the installation so as to hide the wires, through the false ceiling, all the way to the Study Room.  Definitely, it will involve more renovation works to open up the false ceiling (and more dusts) and additional unnecessary costs.

02.  I am not convinced with high and steady WiFi speed.

I will be disappointed should I pay for a higher subscription for higher download/upload speeds on fibre broadband but getting a weak wireless speed  that is equivalent and of negligible differentials to an ADSL wired network.

The Decision Today

The idea to go forward to migrate from ADSL to Opennet Optic fibre broadband is all about cost effectiveness.  It is a little fraction of cost difference compared with our existing ADSL bundled subscription, that includes with MIO TV (mainly for the soccer channels) and the unlimited digital home line.

OpenNet Installation

OpenNet Installation day.  On left of picture is where the Terminal Point (TP) is fixed.  We actually prefer for the TP to be inside the TV console but we were strongly advised by the contractors/installers not to do so.  The reason, as they specifically mentioned, optic fibre is best not be bent.

These efficient guys from OpenNet doing what were told.  To minimize cable exposure, we have no choice but to get a hole opened/drilled low and to lay the optic fibre cable to run under the TV Console.  It also means another visibility of electric trunks. *Sad*

Internet Service Provider Installation

The mess.  Salute to the Internet Service Provider's technician who wanted to clean up the mess after his successful installation, but we declined.

It is a brand new world

For few dollars more, there is a huge different with the optic fibre broadband internet speed vs an ADSL connection.  And here, I am comparing it between a wired ADSL and a fibre broadband wifi capabilities.

I learn that skepticism does not make me wiser.  Matter-of-fact, anything of negative thoughts retard any growths.  I am amazed with the wireless speed emitted from the optic fibre broadband modem, which my ISP claims can enhance WiFi coverage.  Though the technician informed that we could only get up to 70 mbps (on wireless) for download speed,  I am so thrilled at the results.

Speed using ADSL, based on WIRED 15 mbps subscription:

Using Speed test @ SG

Using Speed test @ dot.NET

Speed using optic Fibre Broadband, based on WIRELESS on 200 mbps subscription:

Using Speed test @ Sg

Using Speed test @ dot.NET

Hmm, what more can I ask?!  Though, I must say that the upload speed really surprises me.  In most speed tests, the upload speed is more than the download speed!  How I wish that it is the other way round.

It is always our misconception on certain matters in life that hinders our growth.  It is always our reluctance to shift the paradigm on our thinking that makes us not knowing about Universal potentials.  It is always our fear that negates to free our emotions.

Yes, I have become the change.  And so, is Reiki Sanctuary.

Reiki Sanctuary Internet Super Highway Set-up

Latest (September 13, 2012):

Reiki Sanctuary has done away with wi-fi.  For more, read HERE

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