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Words carry weight. Consider their impact before you speak.

Words are energy.  When we speak or write them, when we use them to communicate with others, we use this vehicle of words to carry meaning to reach out to another person or to a group of people.  All of the words that we speak or write have life of their own.  They have unique energies and more often than not, terms that mean something to a person can mean something else and very different to those coming from a different perspective. 

Words carry weight; they contain energy that constantly vibrate and creating waves in the same way that a note of music creates waves.  Like musical notes, our words live in communities of other words and change in relation to the words that surround them.  The power in the right and positive words can contribute to our well being.  When we are conscious of the energy behind our words, we become capable of making beautiful music in the world.  If we are unconscious of the power of words, we run the risk of creating a noisy disturbance.

Words are telling in more ways than one.  Through their subtle vibrations, they influence us and all around us - be it when we are conscious or in our sleeping mode.  Words move in a subtle dynamic vibrational frequency, just as the energy of colors or the the waves out from a sound.  Every letter of the alphabet is of great significance.  When letters are strung together to form a specific sound or word, the word is charged and form as a conductor with a specific frequency.  This word will then influence us, first with its thought process into our sub-conscious mind, and result with how we think and act.

Basically, words influence how we will think, act and react.  Our life experiences go through, and will continue to go through, from the profound awareness of the power of words.  Words have massive energy that can change, and to some extreme the transormation of, our life.  Basically, when one understands the model of interpersonal communication through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, taking ownership for the right words can greatly help us in all areas of our life.  Be it for our career, relationship, health and overall well being.

This change, or transformation, largely depends on the state of our being, on how much we 'allow' the frequency to translate the consciousness of awareness.  The simplest of words can have an effect on the soul, our state of being.  Our mind filters thoughts and feelings through the framework of the vibrational frequencies that we hold about.  Literally, taking some examples here, it means that the feelings of contentment and fear are triggered by what we hear and perceive.

Just the other day, as I was watching the US TV Series 'The Celebrity Apprentice', I was very much awakened by the American stage actor and artist, Gary Busey who literally translated all the alphabets of a word into something even more meaningful.  His natural gift to decipher the appropriate translation for the acronym of alphabets of the words sets the insight for this article.  What he did to those words conveyed into me the appreciation between an inaction and action of words.  Here is some of his totally awesome piece of gifts at how he transformed each alphabet in a word into something more:

- Find Ourselves Giving Each Other Incredible Energy
 - Living in God's Heavenly Thoughts
- Together Everyone Achieves More
- Finding An Important Lesson, Inviting Needed Growth
- No Other Way

I am marvel at how he handcrafted those words into encouragement.  I began to realize that my spirit was awakened by his uttering words that had the power to invigorate me and give me hope.

[Here, let me credit a little about Gary Busey.  Personally, I feel that he had been given a second chance, a re-awakening from his Near Death Experience, from a serious motorcycle accident in 1988.  Without wearing a helmet then, his skull was fractured and he suffered permanent brain damage.  He survived from the accident and, as far as I could see him on the show, living healthily today.  He received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 1978 for his role in movie, The Buddy Holly Story.  His clever acronym for LIGHT is total awesome.]

Sometime back, in the year 2009, I wrote "Wassup" [...]. There, I highlighted some basic jargons and ended the article with a hope that we could realize that "Words are cheap.  Don't let them be any cheaper.  Don't let them slip away not granting us with power of living".  In that blog, I also mentioned how our local slangs for words like 'Lor', 'Anything' and 'Whatever' can actually carry negative vibes.

We need to take responsibility for all the words that we speak and write.  We need to be more aware as and when we speak and write.  Importantly, we must take the ownership of the words we utter.  On this token, we need to realize on the power of our words in conveying our thoughts and emotions for they are a bundled information.

Words, as some might say, can sting.  But, words can also soothe us.  By supplying words of hope, for an example, in time of difficulty, they can motivate an individual to begin to sort out his/her life and learn to cope.  The words can give a person a feeling of his/her own significance in the lives of others, a very profound sense of meaning to impart.

It seems to me the power of words as they are conveyed, as in all our daily social interactions, should be stacked uppermost in our minds as we are verbalizing them.  Words provide the means for meaning on values in our souls and for the quality of our life; they convey emotion as well as information.  As much as words can soothe, they can destroy too.  The real power in words comes from the emotional response they invoke to the listeners.  We need to be carefully conveying not only the proper meaning but the proper tone appropriate for a subject or an occasion.

In my dealings with some people, I observe how words can destroy the harmony of their own souls.  Sadly, they dis-own so much of their words when they speak and taking no consideration on the impact as how these words could fall into their state of being.  We need to take ownership of what we say.  Example, when we verbalize, "Oh, I don't usually do this kind of thing" or "I want to take a break from doing (fill in the blank)", we must own it!   We must believe in what we say, in all those words that have shot out from our thought.  We cannot just say it and then do the opposite.

I have heard such things often.  And often enough, I have also witnessed how these individuals go through with their life trapped within their own ownership at their rattling words when they break the rules.  Simply, they go about their life being unhappy, depressed, confused and continuing onwards with struggles.  I witnessed arguments, quarrels and the misplacement of faith and trust.

I would like to interpret that the Universe is simply unable to balance between ethics and actions.  For the Universe to give what we want, we need to take ownership for our words and at the intent these words are to be carried out.  Ownership is about taking control and that we have to, consciously, commit as we speak them.  It is the basis for many other concepts that form the foundations of consquences.

Unconsciously, the baton we used in lieu of our words in our conversation, words will always retain their powers.  When we fully comprehend that words are energy, they have weights and powers, we should be alerted to bring in greater awareness not to use, and then to own, these words sparingly.  We need to own words to own our higher state of being.

Repetition is the mother of learning.  When one verbalizes words (that are being said over and over again), naturally, the Universe will just conspire.  It is the vibration and frequency on those words that link it to the universal conception.  Successful individuals are very much aware of this universal principle - 'words become them'.  This is the group of individuals that lives their lives empowering and own with them the positive words, and obeying and following strictly to what they say.

Like the musical notes that I mentioned earlier (para 2), the Universe vibrates at the words being said and sends out frequency to shape the form.    It is a simple theory of domino effect - waiting for one dominant word to act and effects another.  Watch our words, for they become actions.  Watch our actions, for they become habits.

Thing is, it is OK to make mistakes BUT it is not OK to make the mistake over and over again.

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