Saturday, September 03, 2011

Make It Real

Never underestimate the vibration of flowers and their ability to affect internal change within us.

And so, it has started ..

The Law of Vacuum creates the time, space, atmosphere and opportunities to move, grow, replenish in one's life almost instantaneously when there is a creation of vacuum and space.  This Universal Law allows movement, and that when all space is filled, the solidarity prevents further movement or growth.  It rebuilds on a more solid foundation in which to place only the highest and only the best with the least amount of energy and expense.

The vacuum draws forth other energies to fill that void which the past energies are left behind.  That, in very much subtle yet brute-forced progression, the Law moves towards higher spiritual dimensions.

The Law of Vacuum is a powerful Universal Law.  It assists us in achieving our goals and dreams.

Just observe - When we cut away the leaves or a branch out from a tree, watch how quickly that space fills back with new leaves and branch.  Or, when we are to clear a clutter from our home, we soon find new stuff seems to fill it up again.

However, one needs to understand that the Universe cannot put good something in the vacuum and space until we let go of what it is holding in it.  Nature abhors a vacuum.   And, since the inherent nature of the Universe is all about good, a vacuum will always be filled with good.

And so, here is my story ..

Since I had finally done with the intended (so-called) spring cleaning in Reiki Sanctuary after our recent purchases from Bangkok (Blog Entry: "The Beauty of Beauty") - which took me almost two weeks to finish, I must admit that the Universe acted almost immediately to fill me up with the Universal Law of Vacuum. 

This time, it is about spiritual revelation where consciousness has been brought forth to draw on my awareness.  This time, it is filled to wake me up from my lack of conviction.  For me to return to consciousness, to make a difference and to cause a transformation. 

This time, it has to do with external provocation into my awakening.  This time, it has to do with harnessing the encouragement (from some friends) to own up the courage to who I Am.  This time, it has to do with breaking away from all the lacks of confidence.

Ultimately, as they try to convince me, it is about time to become the person that I have had abandoned long before.  To be that individual that I have had long dismissed.  To re-member with the soul that I have had long forgotten.

This time, it has asked for an admission for my Higher Self.

Perhaps, at this juncture, I would like to add that this writing will be all about me.  And, to those who might find it disconcerting and distasteful, it is best to stop your read here.

What you will find further is my writing about my higher healing energy.

-  I am going to admit of my higher healing capabilities.

-  I am about to share with the Universe how much I have now re-membered my Light Being.

It has taken me few days thinking about this entry.  It has taken me the courage to challenge myself for what I would consider bringing forth my self worth, in loving my own soul, and to live this lifetime rightfully.  You see, over the years, I would rather not "advertise" myself more than it should.

Personally, I find it is enough for people to know that I am just another Reiki practitioner and that I, like many of them, do healing works based on Reiki Principles.  It suffices to say, these are just energy works.

After the spring cleaning, I had two beautiful separate encounters with two different individuals who were rather relatively unknown to me.  These individuals crossed my path in such precise symmetrical balance with Reiki Sanctuary's spring cleaning.

When I started with the spring clean, I asked for an energy escalation to magnify self-realization.  I asked for an insight into the energetic frequency magnitude that was affecting us.

Of late, I felt the stillness of inert energy surrounded us.  Everything was somehow hollow and shallow yet it provoked us emotionally.  We were made to feel a need to fix something in the external world; something out there outside the soul.  But, it left our soul to experience inertia with the same uniformed energy just circulating in small circles of events.  To some, the energy caused with dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

The energetic vibrations around us were going around at much a plateaued phase.  Where joy was not fully heightened nor sadness would hit us at the rock bottom.  Our creative engine, somehow, had anchored from navigating through the multi-dimensional ocean of Life.  It ceased us from active quantitative participation.

The common thing said to me, by these two individuals, was of my lack of conviction to who I truly were.  It was this lack that caused my consciousness not to expand fully.  "You put too much on what others would call you an Egoist rather than to free yourself to live with your true life purpose" and so it was said.

Indeed, I had put few miraculous experiences behind me just so that I could be 'normal'.  So that, in what I would think, to be accepted.  Often, I shunned from giving pranic predictions.  Partly, it had to do with fear of failure.  I struggled to believe that I had imparted great words of wisdom or that I had to personally be aware of the healing process and directed it every moment for true healing to occur.

One said, "You just have to listen to the voice of your heart.   It is here that you will allow God to be you.  The Source has long waited for you to become one with It all over again."

Perhaps, I was still not convinced that every mistake was my chance to learn something new, for me to get something right.  I was so much caught in my own low self esteem.  Yet, ironically as one of them said, "Often you put away your power to someone else to shine but not yourself!".

Those meaningful conversation had made me to reflect.

Looking back, it was my conversation with God that came through, from their hearts, of these two individuals.  They had nothing to lose to offer these poignant observations of my auric fields.  They have a choice to add value judgment.

How I had slowed down God's highest light to shine upon myself.  How I had let time to slow down, not only for my own growth but for those who had sought my help.

How I had missed many opportunities to open up the gates of heaven for others.  How I had withheld the highest purpose of my own marvelous creation on this spiritual journey.

I must now accept my powers; these powers which are not mine but the Creator.  I am just His tool to expand for what is warranted to be done.  I must start to obey to allow a partnership for the purpose of lending energetic support with the Source.

Ironically, just when I needed more comfort to understand my soul, two of my students sent such wonderful messages wishing me "Happy Teacher's Day" few days back.  They thanked me for having provided them.  They, as though reading me, complimented my deeds upon them.  I am not a teacher by profession but it did give me a joy knowing its significance.

Perhaps, I must no longer question my abilities but to take charge and be in command of my destiny.  I must believe that I am different.

One on his words to me, during that conversation, "You can do many miraculous things that you probably want.  Release that fear and allow the energetic resonance to integrate with your soul.  You have to believe who you truly are and throw away those that cast doubts on you.  You have my blessings."

Thank You, my friends.  Thank You for the faith and the guidance.  Indeed, our meeting at this point in time was the work of God to fill me up just when I was looking for assurances.  All your words helped to empower what was once my lost.  I felt very much grateful for the occasion.  It was, indeed, an honour to meet with the two of you.

Perhaps, all the sorrows that I had been harbouring inside had to do with self denial.  It had to do with a lost soul that I have had long ignored.  That wanted to be re-united.  That wanted to be taken in.  These sorrows had taken my soul to lose sight of who I had supposed to be.

Today onwards, it has to be a brand new day!  It has to be!  After all, I had emptied the space to allow a vacuum to be filled.  Now, I should learn to accept.

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