Monday, September 26, 2011

Have You Woken Up?

Business travel is only glamorous to those who don’t do it. Believe you me.  

Sunset doesn’t know you, won’t wait for you, or care if you’re late.

I had an interesting conversation with my Indigo friend yesterday.  It started with him sharing his thoughts about the two-hour documentary by David Grubin, "The Buddha".  How he felt that we were continually in search for meaning in life.  That, the search was subtle yet it probed in all our actions.  How much we needed to discover about suffering and for way to end it.  How much of our problems could lead to weakness and self destruction.

I sensed his enlightenment, the Buddha that he had become in his own special ways.  That he had woken up.  Without his realization, he actualized all the positive potentials in generating new insights.  He had become aware, and very conscious, on his nature of existence.  Not only in his waking consciousness but of the world around him. 

'Enlightenment ' here, in his case, is his parabolic state to waking up.  It is, in his own special journey, experiencing a transformation of body and mind.

To live a Buddha's way is all about making right to the way of life.

To the way we act and think.  To how we react and the conditioning of our mental preoccupation.  To the philosophy of actions and the psychology of thought.

Buddhism is not a religion, it is an awakened realization to live life in a complete positive qualities.  In having compassion for life and a desire to comprehend about suffering and the way to end it.

A Buddha is not the creator of the Universe unlike God in Islam or Christian sense.  In fact, there is no creator (or God) in Buddhism.  Buddha represents a way for us to live.  He exemplifies the highest compositional ways towards awareness and consciousness.  The basic characteristic in each of our way towards our own religion.

Personally, Buddhism adds details to mine.  It clarifies the meaning and discourse my beliefs in religion and God.

My conversation with this special Indigo friend happened for good right before us.  It came at the right time (for me, and hopefully his).  It carried such an extraordinary vibration where all the past experiences, at this moment, came to stop and continued the motion to normal.  It was the flash before my very eyes and had my body experiencing universal revelation upon the soul.

Suddenly, the experiences that I have been feeling since September 14th make sense.  It re-affirms all other happenings around me and all the good things that are happening to my friends.   I wrote "In fact, of late, I have been noticing lots of welcoming changes happening to some people around me. These are individuals who took charge to change the vibrations around them, be it spring cleaning or making conscious effort to change certain things around them. "

I shall imprint the thought here and not 'Just Random Thought' to serve me as a reminder, as gratitude that I should honor.

It was an interesting day yesterday (September the 13th), started with an SMS from a dear friend. 

Friend - "Would you like to receive some energies later tonight?  Would appreciate some feedback after that."

Me - "Haha, free energy, why not wor.  What time?"

Friend - "9.45 p.m."

I actually prepared myself fifteen minutes earlier.  I decided to sit down to meditate while waiting to receive the distant energy from this friend.  At around 10 p.m., I received his SMS - "Done.  Hope you enjoyed it."

As agreed, I sent my feedback.  

"Hmm, was it about healing, re birthing and empowerment?  In the beginning, I felt the awakening of Fire Serpent and then a drop of colorful inks into my Crown Chakra and also the Third Eye.  There was golden ball of lights in my hands.  There were Mother Mary, Jesus, Lord Shiva and perhaps Prophet Muhammad too.  Then, there were other Masters and You."

I knew little of his intention and the specific purpose for that session.  I had always been receiving his kindness in sending me distant energy in the past.  It was a beautiful surprise when I received his replies:

"Beautiful. It is a transmission of an Ascension Energy. Like an attunement. You captured the key points well. There were indeed lots of help."

All the answers that we had asked came their ways through how we questioned them.  It had been in the essence in the questions for all the answers to make sense.  For all the answers to present themselves and turned events into more than a blessing at their ends.

The energy for the last few months had been one of stagnation.  There was just little or no desire to explore an ascetic existence.  It was intentional.  It was to make sure that our vibrations did not transgress.  That we were kept safe yet not to offend or violate the basic laws of human civilization.

We were made to walk on a plateau of consciousness where all that we had previously learned stayed intact.  Energetically, we had been walking on this plateau for a while now.

It was safe yet a long sleepy walk.  We were given our freewill in its secluded comfort.  From here, we were shown the reality of the world around us - the calamities, the sufferings and, importantly, the choices that we needed to make.

From this plateau, we were to realize for our greater understanding of life and spiritual fulfilment.  The point at which we were to feel satisfaction in our spiritual  experiences and practices.  It offered hope and access to higher understanding.


Today, we have been called to wake up.  We have been asked to expand, and to explore, our senses up to their highest potentials.  We have been invited to move to a higher energetic plane.  The new path has opened for us to reconnect with the Universe.

The time has come upon us where we are to ascend to the next dimension.  We have been asked to remove negativity from our ethereal body of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hologram to become whole where our souls are more advanced than they really are.

It is important that we are to believe in ourselves.  To believe in all areas when we are learning to become who we are.  Be aware of the change.  What we learn today may be different to what we learn next week, next month or next year.  To believe in what we learn about ourselves.  To believe with our heart in what we hear, see and read.

Say, while reading new material, read what resonates with us though not everything will.  We will be drawn to specific topic which will lead into further topics and materials.  Let our instinct, even our curiosity, to  take over and it will lead us to where we want to be.

It is important that we are to embrace our new consciousness that extended throughout the extent of Earth and the Universe.  It is important in strengthening our beliefs and the increasing will power.  Now is the time to devote our initiatives to be all that they can be.

It is a beautiful day.  There will be many opportunities that will present themselves to us.  These opportunities are our choices.  We are to decide what it is that we are going to do in every part of our life hereon.  Thing is, finding our true self is always a wonderful experience.

I am praying that all of us shall wake up together to this new consciousness.  That we shall walk into this Ascension with raised vibrations and that we glow so magnificently bright.

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