Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Much Right is Right

We all enjoy free will. With it, comes cause and effect. Use it wisely.

Often, and very often, we always feel that we are right in everything, about everything.  In carrying out an action.  In executing a decision.  In allowing mediation.  In submitting to other's follies.  In conceding another's decision.  In compromising a situation.  In giving in.

It would usually destroy many of us when we allow others to think that we are second rated and hopeless.  We become (unconsciously) disappointed should others have the slightest instance to think of that of us.

We always feel that we are the kindest, the humblest, the 'better-est' individual and not somebody else.  And, when it comes to sufferings, we tend to think that we suffer the most.  When it comes to hard work, we feel we have given it all.  When it comes to understanding, we brag on our empathy.

Our emotions defend our diminishing pride just to make sure that we are not going to be hurt.  Pride comforts us.  We resent others whom disqualify our needs to look good.  Who make us to become disconnected.  Such a situation arises when failure exceeds the resources for coping with our own failures.  When it shadows out what we wish others to see our true self. 

Often, we make ourselves to believe that we make less mistakes, we make less judgement.  We simply want to think that we are often correct, and stand corrected, in our own judgement, opinion and action.  It is the biggest human failure when we look for something outside of us to make us to feel better inside.

We conveniently fool ourselves that we are always 'the better one'.  Though, unwittingly, we would accept that we are imperfect, somehow our mind would twist it - The multitude  and magnitude of imperfections are bigger on somebody else.

It happens that we are so happened to appreciate satirical qualities of our crazy ego.  Perhaps, it is our disappointment (towards others) which is being thwarted in the opposite way of saying that we have placed high judgement for each other.

There is always this unspoken need in us to feel and be right.  In many instances, in asmuchas we want to deny it, the need to feel right makes us to think that we are better off taking charge of all circumstances.  That, it makes us feel that we are an intelligent Being.  Less, it kills our happiness.

We take defensive actions when someone tells us that we are lazy.  Almost immediately, we raise our voice.  Very quickly, we voice out excuses after excuses.  Our body language swings to become defensive.  To become aggressive.  People just do not like to be associated with such a word.  Or any other negative adjectives insulting our Ego.

Person A - "Aiya, you are just plain lazy to do housework lah."

Person B - "Please lah.  I am working everyday leh.  Work is already so stressful.  Anyway, even if I clean, someone else will mess it after that."

It is always the one-day laziness or tomorrow-I-will-do-it attitude that leads to more accumulation of clutters.  When we can spend a little time today and every day, for probably just half hour or slightly more, why do we choose to wait another day which probably will not happen?

Person A - "Hey, why aren't this task not completed?  It has taken you days.  You are just so lazy!"

Person B - "If you think it is so easy, then you do it lah!"

How it is so easy to slam our frustrations without realizing the process of our own thought cycle.  Do we always have to pass sarcastic remark without realizing our own shortcomings?

Person C - "I guess if you are to be kinder and nicer with your approach, the sales staff will treat you well."

Person D - "Why should I do that?  I am the paying customer leh."

Oh, wow!
Money is not everything.  The saddest thing, when we think we have it, the world is our slave.  The opposite is true too - when we think we have too little of it, the world is the master.

Person C - "Did you tell him exactly what you wanted?"

Person D - "He should know it what, since he is in the trade.  Anyway, this is also to test his knowledge."

Often, we get ourselves so worked out just because we allow our ego to destruct us.  We create the destructive need to feel 'better than' or more 'right' than others.

All in all, it is just a personal choice.

Life is simple.  Life is easy.

If only we are to take charge and to believe that everything is just an opinion and that opinions are always changing and fluid.

Being right does not always equal happiness.

Do we always have to be right?  How can we learn to accept that we are actually not?

Perhaps, when we truly learn about compassion that we shall become less blinded.  When there is a belief, we tend to forget anything even remotely different.  We just want to be right, whether that means that it can make us unhappy, or overworked, or ignorant.

We close up to other ideas around us that could help in everything that we are doing.  Subconsciously, we shy away from the alternative answers from fear it will not line up with our opinion, our judgement, our action.

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