Friday, June 20, 2008

Into The Future

Now that the Master Plan 2008 has been announced by Urban Redevelopment Authority, let's explore a little further into the development of Jurong Lake District and Jurong Gateway.

The next 10 to 15 years will see dynamic transformation in the West.  The key development, Jurong Lake District, which will become the main commercial and recreational hub in the region.  The Jurong Gateway will offer an excellent mix of office, retail, residential, hotel, entertainment, F&B and other complementary uses.  Lakeside around Jurong Lake will become a major leisure destination focussing on edutainment and entertainment experiences.

New housing will also be built in attractive and familiar places, and the mature estates will be enhanced.  This will, probably, include Reiki Sanctuary.

What's in store:

Located around the Jurong East MRT Station, the new plans for the
70ha Jurong Gateway is to develop it into a vibrant commercial hub; the
biggest outside the city centre.

Something for Everyone

you will find an excellent mix of office, retail, residential, hotel,
entertainment, F&B and other complementary uses. This will be an
appealing environment for company HQs, business services and companies
in the science and technology sectors.   

will be land at the Jurong Gateway to house at least 500,000 sqm of
office space and 250,000 sqm of retail, F&B and entertainment uses.
At least 2,800 hotel rooms will also be developed to cater to business
travellers and visitors to the leisure destinations around the lake. To
add vitality and create a “live, work, play and learn” environment,
1,000 or more homes will be introduced around Jurong East MRT station.
This will offer people the option to live and work in the same
vicinity. Land will be released in tandem with market demand.

Seamless Connections, More Greenery

Jurong East MRT station, pedestrians can walk conveniently and
comfortably to most developments and public facilities around the area
and to Jurong Lake through an extensive network of pedestrian links and
landscape malls.

They can also experience lush
greenery with new landscaped open spaces and park connectors introduced
at the street-level. Skyrise and rooftop greenery will also be on many
of the buildings in the area.

Key buildings a

feature can enjoy scenic views of the lake. For example, buildings
around the Jurong East MRT station will step down towards the lake,
allowing more to enjoy panoramic views of the lake.

Shop and Dine By The Lake

A new waterway can be created to bring the lake closer to Jurong Gateway.
Imagine an intimate street-based, low-rise development on the newly created island by the lake.
There will be F&B, retail, boutique hotels and entertainment. This will be the natural place for business get-togethers or after-work dinner and drinks, as it will be an easy 10-minute stroll from Jurong Gateway via the landscaped, sheltered walkways.
Jurong Gateway will be integrated with Lakeside by pedestrian links and
a continuous mall with lush landscaping. This begins at the concourse
of Jurong East MRT station and runs all the way to the proposed
lakeside village at Jurong Lake.

The upcoming developments include:
-  New Big Box
-  New Jurong Entertainment Centre
-  New Science Centre
-  New Jurong General Hospital and Community Hospital
-  New Gold Resort Hotel in Jurong Country Club
-  New Waterfront Boardwalks and Wetlands at Jurong Lake
-  Improved Jurong East MRT Station and Bus Interchange

Enjoy the video:

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