Monday, June 23, 2008

.. to The Drawing Board 9

Here is the final layout for the socket outlets in Reiki Sanctuary - there are 52 points all throughout the house! Hmm, not sure if that is just too many but definitely it is something that, we think, is properly taught off. Every electrical appliances and gadgets in Reiki Sanctuary will have their own 'house'. 

We are trying to do away with extension cords and electrical power extenders in the future.  Basically, we want a neat and tidy wiring system and that each home appliances and other electrical gadgets in Reiki Sanctuary have its own dedicated socket.

Personally, we find it effective (and perhaps, cool) that no two electrical gadgets will share the same one socket (just like when we were in Hertford). Perhaps, it will be more cost effective too and lessen the worries of power surges.

As HDB does not allow conceal wiring, it is important to lay the wires carefully.  Chiauw promises to work very closely with the electrician and to 'hide' as much of the electrical wiring.  We will be using white Legrand Mallia series:

For Lighting Switches:

For Cable and Telephone:

For Socket Outlet:

It will be nicer and neater if only we can conceal the wires and to use this socket:

*Sigh*, unfortunately, we have to settle with this type of double socket:

Chiauw is going to hide lots of such sockets either inside a cabinet/console and to use a waterproof switch socket and isolator.

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