Friday, May 29, 2009


"Huuuuaaaaatttttt Ah!!"

Ah, can't hear you!!  Let's try again ..


Haha, guess I had been so free the other day.  Woke up and just refused to do anything.  Alright, there were few things accomplished - started with the usual morning ritual - coffee and toilet break.  Followed with the OCD habit of doing the bed, which is a must, and mopped the house abit, which is also another big must. 

And, out of nowhere or rather the thought was so big in my head that morning, the idea to get the Universe to recognize my existence became kinda desperate. I am still missing Ruby.  Maybe, I am still not able to 'connect' with her.  Had dreamt of her; she looked young and healthy and in most dreams, she was pangsai-ing!

May you be at peace, dear Ruby!

The idea to magnify my existence, in somewhat ways announcing, to the outside world - specifically to the Universe, mooted with doing some artwork.  I am not artistic nor was I good at drawings.  But this idea came as though the Universe was guiding me towards it.  Later that night, when a dear friend came to visit, that I realized the message.  It was a call for symbiosis - a relationship of mutual benefit and dependence.

I have always encouraged those whom I have shared Tibetan Geomancy to have some form of recognizable identity outside the house.  Something of collective aspect of the set of characteristics or distinct personality to associate with individuality or entity.  Be it their name or something to establish the condition, and quality, of personhood.  Look, all those rich and famous - they have their names engraved so big together with the house address at their main gate.  And, they become richer and lagi more famous.  Not that this is the ultimate thing to achieve.  There are just much more to life.

We live in a rich Universe filled with indescribable abundance.  And, the great news is, there is plenty for everyone.  For some, abundance invokes images of money and luxurious goods.  For others, it means having a lot of a particular thing.  Which ever we may want to define its meaning, abundance awaits you.

Abundance synchronizes with our life's circumstances.  How we define it, what our beliefs are and how we feel about our own entitlement to happiness and fulfillment.

To me, living in abundance means to live in balance for a state of true freedom and peace of mind.  Without worries and fears.  To live life as it is meant to be lived.  Yes, it is about wealth but it is also about feeling complete in every other area as well.

I feel abundant when I spend time with my loved ones.  When I watch the passing cars and the greenery outside the balcony.  When I look at the sky at night.  When I am at my computer.  When I snack or just drinking plain water.

Ok, I am digressing a little here.  It's unwise to think that the Universe needs such an identifiable thing to recognize us.  To bless us.  To fill us.  But imagine, even the bank needs proof of our identity to cash out monies to us.  Fact is, we need to be recognizable.  To be at the right place and the right time.

Only when we allow ourselves to be known, and allowing ourselves to dream big, the Universe delivers our heart's desires to flow in fullness.

It's Me, Universe!! 
A simple artwork done by me!

The significant of this artwork is for my belief to help in the overflow to increase my life experience.  Towards an ever expanding abundance in all fields of my heart's desires.  Yes, our life is a miracle and abundance is our birthright!

And, this is how Reiki Sanctuary's Main Entrance looks now

[The artwork hung above the lantern (right)]

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