Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be Prepared for More Happiness Than Ever in 2011

It has been a wonderful 2010.  It has been a good year.

For all its worth, I shall whiz past it with feelings that I have gained.  I need to discover, for myself, how truly fortunate I really am.  For all that were lost, it was a gain in return.  We gain many invaluable things in life, every day, only when we are (to be) thankful for all the events that have come and played into our life.

It is the experience that will make us wiser.  It is said 'Wisdom is knowing what to do with what we know'.

We hardly notice the things that really mean a lot until they are gone. I shall not ponder into the past with regrets but to set my mindset that happiness awaits in front.  Most of the time, even to live is an act of courage.  We make a fortune with love for our loved ones.  The only limitations we have are those we set for ourselves.

If we would create something, we must be something then.  This is something that I truly believe in all of us.  While it is difficult to prophesize, especially when it pertains to the future, the one who listens is the one who understands.

Charity should begin at home but should not stay there.  So is love.  So is hope.  So is faith.  We should give each a chance to move on.  To grow.  To rise.  Not all those who wonder are lost.  The day denies the promises of the night.  If we are to stick that every solution breeds new problems, which is often true, the house we shall build will be crooked as it is build to every man's advice.

Let's psyche our mind to be prepared for more happiness than ever for the year 2011.  Let me share this wonderful greeting from a great spiritual friend in her New Year's greeting to me:

"Some of us, in the year 2010, caught the happiness train, some the prosperity train and some the good fortune train.  But for this 2011, there will be more trains to catch.  And while we are busy trying to catch up with the rest of the world, do not forget to remember the beauty and the joy of the person we have become while we were busy looking into the future and/or running away from the past.

Let 2011 be the year where we live in the presence of ourselves and enjoy it thoroughly."

To all my loved ones, my family, my dearest friends and to all that have stayed to read Reiki Sanctuary, wishing all a good and blessed New Year, 2011.

Wish Upon A Star

Love and Joy and Happiness 
and the satisfaction of being yourself be with you always, 
in every moment of 2011.

With Love,


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