Saturday, January 15, 2011

To This Little Creature ...

In Memory Of Meow Meow

Meow Meow

I was surprised by my own reaction.  How I ended up crying.  How I felt so painful, all over again.  I felt a sudden emptiness.  I felt an increased sense of  lost.  I came to miss my angel, Ruby badly.

Earlier today, I received an email from a dearest friend from Thailand.  I was told that the cat, Meow Meow, which he had taken in 14 years ago had just passed on.  Meow Meow was a special cat.

Meow Meow was a neighbour's cat but chose to live with my friend when he was just little.  Somehow, this little creature bonded with my friend.  Soon, Meow Meow became a house pet.  He became a constant companion and an integral part of the house.

I would always remember Meow Meow for his gentleness.  The gentleness in his eyes and his sensitivity.  I may not like cats much but Meow Meow often made me smiled.  After the death of Ruby, I sensed that Meow Meow could feel my lost.  I just felt that Meow Meow understood my lost and was much closer and loving with me.  There were times where he could just be looking at me or came closer to my legs as though to say 'you will be fine'.

Cats, just like dogs, are very sensitive to our behaviour.  It seems that they just know when we are happy or sad.  We may think that they are sleeping when they actually are watching us through their half-closed eyes.

To you Meow Meow, I am praying for your soul to rest in peace.  You are now in a better place where there is no longer suffering.  You are in that Rainbow Bridge filled with plenty of food, water and sunshine.  You will lead a warm, comfortable and healthy life.  Your kidney and liver problems shall be restored back to health.  All of your needs are taken care off.

You will be missed, dearly.

In Loving Memory

"May You Rest In Peace"

The Sleep Song, Secret Garden

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