Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Thailand Story - Part Four (Final)

Eat To Live?
Live To Eat?
We Are What We Eat

This shall be the last instalment for The Thailand Story from my recent trip.  Enough has been said.  Still, I must truly admit that Thailand is a beautiful country to visit.  There are still many parts of Thailand that I would like to go.  In fact, there are still many parts of Bangkok itself, or Pattaya (a province which I regularly go to) that I am yet to explore.

My love for Thailand is simple.  First, it is only a two-hours flight out from Changi Airport to the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.  And, to make it more interesting, there are now numerous budget airlines that fly there regularly.  Cheap and competitive fares are easily available and truly affordable.  Clearing the Immigration and Customs at Suvarnabhumi Airport is a breeze.  I must say there is efficiency in the system.

Getting a taxi to Bangkok from the Airport is easy and cheap.  There is always a long queue of taxis waiting.  From all my past experiences, there are more taxis in queue waiting than passengers.  One will be on the way out of the airport to his/her destination within five minutes.  Fares are tagged to the meter excluding airport surcharge and highway tolls.

The Taxi Stand at Suvarnabhumi Airport.  It is located at the lowest level of the Airport Building.  The taxi here mainly serves only for Bangkok.  Other mode of public transport to other parts of Thailand is available from inside the Airport.

Second, it has to do with our strong dollars.  This translates to the lower prices on her products and services.  Literally, it works to our advantage when buying, and spending, goods and services in Thailand.

One luxury, in Thailand, that I often indulge is the Thai Massage.  For 100 bahts (approximate S$4) an hour, I could spend three hours almost everyday just to enjoy and relax.  The masseurs at May Massage, where I would usually go to, are well trained.  Thai massage is a full body treatment that combines both energetic and physical therapy.

May Massage, which is at rather an obscure location.  It is located on the second floor where the ground level is occupied by an Italian restaurant 'Big Mama'.  It is opposite Serm-Mit Tower building.  It is about 5 minutes walk from Asoke BTS Skytrain and the Sukhumvit Subway stations.

Third, it has to do with the Thai cuisine.  Not so much about the food from the restaurants but those that are available along the streets.  True, while more hygiene is needed preparing and selling these street food, these local Thai food can be yummy.

Picture Story of Thailand Local Street Food from the recent trip:

The Meal

This is my favourite simple dish, Phad Thai for lunch.  Basically, it is a stir-fried noodles and I would always go with prawns.  You need to remind the cook not to add too much sugar if you are not a sweet-bud person.

The Drink

A Thirst Quencher!!  This my favourite drink.  This is the local Thai Mandarin orange.  Usually sold for 20 bahts.  Best to get from a stall that has just squeezed the fruits.  Can be a little sweet, perhaps cos sugar is added.
The same thing, the Thirst Quencher but this time made into a freeze.  Good to cool the body down from the scorching heat of Bangkok.

The Past-Time Snacks

Die die must find this!!  It is banana, yam and sweet potato fritters.  In Singapore, we call it 'Goreng Pisang' but the way it is fried in Thailand is slight different, hence giving it a different taste.  My favourite is the banana.  For 10 bahts each, you probably will get about 10 pieces of each choice

Frying my favourite fritters in hot oil.  Surprisingly, the fritters do not turn up oily.

My favourite snack, the boiled corn.

The Road-side KFC, finger licking good

Ah, KFC by the road-side!  Not for the weak stomach but these fried chickens are yummy!

For 50 bahts!

The Prata Men

The Prata Men!  It is another popular snack.  Usually sold by Thai Muslims, it is a dough mixed with banana for 30 bahts.  I would always ask without the milk and sugar.

The CuttleFish on Bike

The motor-bike cuttle fish.  When you made the order, he will bbq and then roll it into thin long piece.  Good snack when watching TV.


Vegetarian popiah.  The sauce is a little too sweet for my liking.

All The Breakfast during the trip:

Breakfast at Adelphi Grande Sukhumvit.  Well spread with local and international cuisine.  Abit too much for small stomach.

On the contrary, the breakfast spread at FurumaXclusive was a little disappointed.

A simple decent breakfast at Amphawa, granted that it was just a small chalet.  The Management served porridge and hot drinks for the inclusive breakfast.  I had chicken rice porridge.

And, not forgetting ..

.. and not forgetting, the popular coconut ice-cream!

.. and more local cuisine.

The one thing that never ceases to amaze me, when in Thailand, is when the National Anthem is aired.  The Thai national anthem is played twice a day at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.  It is being aired at most public places, like the skytrain and bus terminal.  It is compulsory that the Thai people stand for the national anthem and to stop doing what they are doing.  Indeed, this is one act that puts me with high respect for the people there.

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