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The Tenet of Soul

Invest in your spiritual growth.  True spirituality is inclusive, embracing others. It is true wealth.

It is said that our body language tells all kinds of stories.  It signals fragments of our moods, our emotions and, in some instances, our silent unspoken thought.  It is a communication without words yet all the body actions, gestures and expressions carry subliminal messages.  It tells a story from our subconscious mind which would normally be associated with particular habits, behaviours and attitude. 

This non-verbal communication sends out significant expressions that become the story, our life story.  It is a sensory modality used to modify meaning and convey emotions.  It is a non-verbal frequency code, a para language, producing from the universal language of the mind, consciously or unconsciously.

From the way we sit, the way we stand, the way our body reacts to how and when our hands move - these sequences that combine from the various ways following the pattern of our thoughts and emotions, documents the non-verbal words to become our life story.  Stories are told from body posture, facial expressions to our pitch, volume and intonation of speech.

Amazingly, body language produces waves of colors too.  These colors change depending on the tone and emotion that are emitted with each body actions, gestures and expressions.  Gentle tone and emotion emit subtle earth tone colors of yellow, green, blue, brown, gray and white.  Whereas a strong tone and emotion whirl with fiery colors of red, dark oranges, dark gray and dark brown.

Inasmuch the body language is a subtle and unspoken language of human communication, the state of a house tells another kind of stories.  A story of the soul, a representation of our earthly lives.  Of our mindset on the way we think, the way we perceive things and the values that we live by.  Of how people come together to bring hope, courage, inspiration and love around the community.

Everything around our home environment mirrors our inner self.  It reflects how free spirited, or clouded, the mind and soul are.  It speaks volume about the consciousness of the mind of the dweller.

From how we decorate it and the color of the walls we choose, how we place certain items at certain places to how much we take care of its neatness and cleanliness.  The painting that we choose to hang in certain area in the house, the ornaments that we place on our bedside table and the color we choose for the bedroom, these signify the language of our soul.

"Language of the House Soul"

(The story here, sitting in a Dining Room which is also the Health and Unity Grid [of Tibetan Geomancy] in Reiki Sanctuary, is about enjoying harmony in complexity.  It is about achieving a desire to bond, to communicate, to embrace with gentleness with all the sensitivity of issues of life.  It is about to be able to focus in meaningful issues surround life and to enhance on the healthy state of Being.)

Many messages, many life stories, are told just from the ways the decoration in the house are placed.  A house carries integrity of those who live within it.  It reflects the personality and attitude, basically grouped as our core value.  It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by how he decorates the house.

It creates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies that carve out the landscapes of our lives.  It places the soul of soul, the mindset to be filled with motivational life values and the fruition, for love of life, for love of self, for love of others and for love of all the living and non-living things.

I always like to observe the state, the condition and all the surroundings in a house.  How seriously the dweller respects it.  How seriously the dweller treats it.  How the dweller takes pride to call it a home, or it is just a place to sleep.  On the pride of how things are organized.  On the behaviors of the dweller to interact with a particular area.

It is interesting to hear the reasons the dweller cares little to tidy up things.  Or why cleanliness and neatness are important.  The reasons the house can just be left to accumulate clutter.  Or why creating Law of Vacuum is the order of the day.  Why a stained cup can be left laying unwashed and the dirty linens can be everywhere around the house.  Why the beds are not done.  Why the floors are not mopped.  Why a stain can still be a stain few days later.

How do these attitudes become so casual?  How, above and beyond survival utility, we grasp our ability to make things important - the worthy of appreciation, time, energy, effort and sacrifice.

The soul of the house carries within itself specific energy that vibrates with the souls of the inhabitants, the dwellers.  This energy - the Yin Yang, heightens its Universal Power only when both the internal (the home) and external (the building) are in harmony.

While the interior decoration speaks volume about the people living within the house, the structure of the building (or the house) aligns itself with the Universe.  In Tibetan Geomancy, a house consists of nine grids which reveal how each area is connected to specific aspects of Life.  In each grid, there is a specific energy frequency that works in partnership with the Law of Attractions and Vibrations.  Together, the decorations and these grids form the geometry.

I have spent many years to understand the algorithm mechanics of these grids.  At how energies can just spring.  At how harmony can be invited.  How a space can be sacred.  How foundation can be anchored.  How abundance can be Just Is.  How the bad energies are generated.  

Started with great scepticism, I have started to see great validation and accomplishments.  To apply the concept of Tibetan Geomancy, think of the house as the Heaven on Earth and the inhabitants as the human cobweb.  Each must work with each other to form partnership to create values.

While we cannot change the structure of Nature - the sun will rise in the East and it sets in the West, the values that we put in inside the house will make the difference.   It is the balance to keep the Yin-Yang in harmony.  It is giving a heightened sense of well being and vitality.  Expansion of core value gives a greater sense of well being, authenticity and connection to the Universe.

The Universe is a portal of great abundance with no boundaries and limitless.  Hence, we need to provide direction for this abundance to enter into the house, into our lives.  We have to create the door-way, we have to create the values.  Values do not exist in nature.  We will never see a signage in the sky (say) a heart's contentment, a successful career, or pile of money.  All of these Universal Abundance is imposed by innate human to create it.

Stories of Some HDB 
(The Tibetan Geomancy Interpretations):

3-Room HBD Flat

There is lack in relationship that can cause in difficulty in finding a love mate or problems in existing relationship.  What the dwellers get will not be what they need or want.

3-Room HDB Flat

Abundance, in the form of wealth and prosperity, is in order.  There is always sufficient (more than enough) cash flow.  Abundance does not stagnate and comes with just a little hard work.

4-Room HDB Flat

Often, there is a limit in the ability to learn, make wise decisions and to improve.  There would always be ideas but, somehow, they are just a scattered desire.

4-Room HDB Flat

There is unity and family harmony here.  More than often, the dwellers are health conscious and there is always a meaningful central focus in life.

5-Room HDB Flat

There are blocks to the flow to support life.  Often, the dwellers feel like they are 'living alone'.  It also inhibits plans to travel or move home.

5-Room HDB Flat

There is hardship with prosperity and fortunate blessings.  Cash flow is often clogged to cause overall financial situation to stagnate and make it hard work to create abundance in life.

Executive Apartment HDB Flat

There is excitement with fame and reputation.  There is big supply with enthusiasm, passion and inspiration.

Executive Maisonnette HDB Flat

Often, the dwellers tend to experience blocks in creativity, struggle in bringing projects to fruition and difficulties in relationships with younger people and children or people working for the dwellers

(PS:  Please note that these qualitative analyses, from the different HDB flats, are not supported from the energy point.  It is just a rough guide.)

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