Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Ascension

It’s the depth of the passion not the name of the faith that matters.

On 22nd September, I was told by a wise friend to 'run the (Ascension) Energy for at least twenty-one days' after he sent me the distant attunement.  I documented it here - "Have You Woken Up?"

And, on 7th October, I had a call from a highly spiritual Japanese friend invited me to attend his talk on the topic 'Please Be God'.  Though I didn't attend, due to prior engagement, I resonated with what he was going through.  Intention matters, especially of the period that we are going through now, on his timely call with the larger message.

"Going With The Flow"

Now is the time that we have to celebrate our accomplishments.  Our collective knowledge.  Our undertaking wisdom.  These beautiful aspects of Humans are ready to participate to increase the compassion level of life.  We are ready to do something amazing for our planet and for our souls.

So, what is it that we are going through now?

One may think that the days are just another day; that time continues to travel and the seasons remain unchanged.  That, there are still the usual joys and pains.  That, there are still the usual struggles.  That, even when peace and joy do happen, they are fast gone.  Humans are still who they are to be, in a mixed bag of emotional high and low.  There are still new born babies and there are still souls passing on, or death.  Life is still life.

Here, and for the record, I am not associating the current situation with reference to 21.12.12 (of Nostradamus prediction 2012) nor is it about the predicted phenomenon based on the Mayan calender.  We can ask questions, and perhaps get some answers too, and speculate.  Yet, what is happening around us now has impacted on the way we want to live.  On the quality of life that we strongly desire.

Based on the Mayan, 2012 is predicted with apocalypse.  There are many debates on it leaving several possibilities open to interpretation.  What it may hold, there are transformative events leading to its critical mass energy it carries.  Anyone of them could be real.  All of them could be wrong.  Nevertheless, the prophecy has us all gripped in a psychological fear and preparation.

For one, the New Age has seen transitional advances.  There are now more and more awareness about Mother Earth and its inhabitants undergo.  There are more spiritual consciousness and transformation.  People are generally seeking for higher peace.  They are no longer contented with peace but bliss.  Joy should provide with deep conditions of happiness and contentment.

We are compelled to advance and being negative is no longer a choice.  We do not need this emotion any longer.  It will not serve us well.  Negative words, negative thoughts, negative actions and reactions are strenuous and dangerous.  From the cosmic perspective, such energy filter out the God that we already are.

Yet, for what is more interesting and scientific, NASA claims that there will be polar shift in 2012.  In fact, It is written that the Earth's magnetic field has flipped in 2001.  This fact only confirms about the works done by Angelic Magnetic Master Kryon.

The time is now upon us to create our next step.  The need for answers, which is part of human desire, will continue to be told.  In this consciousness, we embrace on The Ascension.  We are now asked to empower all the knowledge that we have acquired.  The knowledge that we have had hungered for.  We have to think large; the larger the better.

We are to use the knowledge to expand our wisdom.  We are to embrace it and internalize all through our words and actions.  We just have to live with the new knowledge.  We should not just shelve it for later, for some other time.

Right now, at this Ascension, it is about acknowledging any awakening on our consciousness, its knowledge and its limitations.  It is about writing and telling our story to where it belongs.  All that we have is our potential based on Human Consciousness and the changing new energetic vibrations around us.  We get to decide on who, what and how we want life to be.  The choice, as always, is yours.

We have actually become aware of what should be the right thing.   Be aware of it. The right thing to live for and the right thing to live with.  What is it that we want shall be our potential to carry it on forward.  Each one of us will be coded differently.  Each one of us will have different strength and the different resolutions to bring forward.

"Under The Silver Lining"

The Ascension today is about making the right choice.  Humans are free to do whatever they choose based on their consciousness that is developed by their own vibrations.  However, one has to stay focus to create positive vibrations.  We now need to know, which we should by now, what are these positive vibrations.  What these vibrations can do to change the wind of birth.  What these vibrations are no longer an illusion for something greater and achievable.

On a personal note, so much have happened since.  I feel that the floodgates have opened to enrich my soul.  It has provided me with a path to be who I want to be.  The same people who mistrusted me now find comfort in me.  It is the same people that allow me to exercise my compassion.  It is the same people that push pull about knowing myself.

There are many other ascension stories to be told.  I witness the fruition of great sweetness and some stories are beyond comprehension.  It is the power of the time we live today that generates the options.  If only each one of us pause to smell the rose and take the finest mind to observe, we have come into The Ascension.

In creating that awareness for your Ascension, observe the changes that have taken place, within and around you..  Observe the way your heart feels.  Observe the way you observe at events, at your own actions and reactions and then at others.  Check whether your observation is towards compassion, or is it still filled with judgement.

Importantly, observe the words we use.  Do we encourage or discourage others?  Do we congratulate and appreciate when there is accomplishment and success?   Or, do we feel threatened or short-changed whenever our knowledge, our idea or our success is robbed away?

Measure your dominant thoughts.  Are they always filled you with anger, frustrations and disappointments?  Or they are overflowed with love and compassion?

How much do you want to share what you have learned?  How much do you want to give what you have reaped?  The Ascension is limitless and one should not hold any thought to think that it is selfish to give away or to be shared.  Be it an idea, or a knowledge or that secret method for success.

Only when you are able to take charge of your feeling above feelings, it is good to be finally home.  It is good to celebrate life knowing that we are all home.  What is left is for us to live with the new story that each have created.

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