Monday, August 11, 2008

Renovation - Week 05B

The only place that seems to progress rather well is the kitchen.  The black floor tiles have been laid, the plinths for the kitchen cabinets are done and the wall section where tiles are supposed to be erected is completed too.

Here in the kitchen, we are not going to tile the whole kitchen wall.  The walls will be painted instead.  We prefer it that way.  Though we received feedbacks that the walls should be tiled, we feel it will have an unconventional modern look without them.  Granted that cleaning, and especially after cooking, is easier with tiles.

For that reason, we designed the cooking area to face the window and to have an island hood to suck in all the oily stuffs when cooking.  We don't have much worries as we don't cook regularly nor do we do heavy cooking.

2D Layout of Kitchen:

The Completed Works:

Plinth for Kitchen Hob and Island Hood

Can't see much of the black tiles on the floor as it has been protected.  Guess, it will remain this way till the kitchen cabinet is fully installed.

The purpose of the white tiles [near window] is supposedly to separate the kitchen area and our 'mini service yard'.

Plinth for Washing Machine and Dryer

We are going to house the washing machine and dryer inside a cabinet.  Guess, washing and drying will only be done at night when we are sleeping.  This is so as we need to open the door to ventilate the heat during washing and drying.

Plinth on the Right Side

When we went down to the site, we found out that tiler had done a mistake.  This wall [marked X] is to be painted and he had accidentally extended the white tiles from the Guest Toilet's entrance.  He has to correct by cutting off the edges of the tiles to flush with the walls.

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