Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Before It Is Too Late

God, I Seek Your Mercy

Consciousness.  What is it all about? explains it to be:

"Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment. Your conscious experiences are constantly shifting and changing. For example, in one moment you may be focused on reading this article. Your consciousness may then shift to the memory of a conversation you had earlier with a co-worker. Next, you might notice how uncomfortable your chair is or maybe you are mentally planning dinner. This ever-shifting stream of thoughts can change dramatically from one moment to the next, but your experience of it seems smooth and effortless."

And wiki states that "Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.  It has been defined as: subjectivity, awareness, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of self hood, and the executive control system of the mind."

Simply, consciousness is the ability of a person to recognize patterns and meaning with respects to events taking place, both within oneself and in the external realm in which the self exists and operates.

So, the question here, where does consciousness come from?  I believe that consciousness is our fundamental reality.  It is the way we collectively fuse our experiences, our thought processes and our emotions to become the by-product for our earthly being - the state of mind that determines our personality, attitude, behaviour and values.  Consciousness is the accumulated energy one houses in the mind which, definitely, will correspond with one's actions and reactions.  Consciousness creates the observable effects we perceive in our world.  Everything that exists from the external realm becomes manifested into forms.

On the higher level, consciousness is, personally for me, a proof of God and our life path.  Consciousness is the energetic food for our mind and how we are wired to its function.  That is why, at times, we feel there are some people who live with 'no conscious' and can easily take a life without feeling sorry.  Or what the singlish word 'bo-chap' is being used to described such attitude.  On the other hand, there are others who are highly conscious and pretty much aware with their surroundings that they (not all) can be highly intuitive.

Often, in my conversation with people and mostly written in this blog, that I talk about consciousness.  Unfortunately, such a word brings more confusion than realization.  Most people would refer consciousness to the state of being physically awake or to a state of awareness.  While this is most certainly true, the kind of consciousness that I often refer is far more than just that.  For one could be physically awake and aware and still be largely or totally unconscious in their overall awareness.

How often do we take consciousness of our words?  Or consciousness of our thoughts?  Or consciousness of our emotions?  How often do we take charge to be conscious of our actions and reactions to situations?

These are questions that we need to address, and embedded them within, to be a part of us at all time.  Certainly, when we are aware to bring in these conscious efforts into our well being, and into our state of mind, that our social behaviour will alter.  Taking charge on the consciousness of our words, our thoughts and our emotions create social cohesion.  At the same time, it feeds our soul to become gentle, caring, loving and importantly a deep sense of peace.  We surpass sympathy and become bigger on empathy towards others and towards life in general.

The one thing that we have to realize is that we are multi-dimensional beings of energy and light.  Our physical body is but a single component of a larger dynamic system.  We are an extension of a higher spiritual consciousness which seeks to evolve through learning experiences.

The root of all the problems we experience in our human life lies in the consciousness of the individual human being.  Our apparent inability to alleviate our suffering, which resulted from our manifestation, is always caused by our imbalance in consciousness.  The less consciousness we have, the less we recognize the patterns of behaviour and event which lead to suffering.

Indeed, it is rather unfortunate should we become not aware of our own consciousness, should we refuse to recognize how special it is.  More than often, individuals in that state cannot hardly stay calm and positively assertive.  It empowers all their suffering and negativity.  They are more prone to stress and diseases.  Consciousness, or the lack thereof, is the agency responsible for the conditions in which we find ourselves, in all times and all places.  Somehow, it is responsible for all conditions of our well being.

On the other hand, the startling reality of consciousness is undeniable and self-evident to people who recognize it.  It transcends the body and the mind.  It transcends thoughts and emotions.  It is more fundamental than anything and it seems to be the ultimate fabric of reality itself.

It is, therefore, very important that we become aware with our own consciousness.  We must take charge of our words, our thoughts and our emotions should we want to stay peaceful.  Raising our consciousness means we need to expand our awareness of reality, expanding our connection with other human beings and living systems and deepening our sense of free will.  It is not limited to a sense of self but also a heightened sense of how our actions impact the world around us.

As I have often mentioned to others, when our consciousness is raised, we feel the soul of others and not just by their words.  It is like the light of a movie projector and all phenomena of the senses and the mind are images in the movie being projected by that light.  This is how it is when our consciousness expands.

We have come to a new age where we should invest to notice about our own consciousness and to start to appreciate it.  Becoming aware of consciousness will dramatically alter, and improve, our experience in life.  It is a sense of not just about self awareness but of connectedness with other living things.  In this new age, there is no "I" but "We" and we are affected by everything that each one of us does.

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