Friday, September 21, 2012

The Hotels of Bangkok - Part One

God, Thank You For All That You Have Provided Me

Somehow, we have become an information source for Bangkok.  Few friends and many of our family members have come to us for guides.  What surprises us most, these people who used not to like Bangkok are now so excited about going there.  They are looking forward to visit Thailand more often.  For readers who think that we know so much about this Land of Smile, the answer is 'no'.  We take no claims to know this country much but enough to make our holidays there comfortable and relaxing.

As it is, our Thai language is still half-past six and we still rely on Map of Bangkok to move around. Bangkok Tips are written based on our personal preference, uniquely ours, and our ways of enjoying a relaxed holidays whenever we are in Thailand.  As previously written in The Thailand Story, Part One, that we always enjoy visiting Thailand.  Whenever we are there, we hardly do any of those touristry visits to the popular places.  We could be happy doing nothing and just a stroll to one place a day.

While there, I spend a lot of time self reflecting.  It is a good way for me to look back, like watching a movie, pondering into my past.  It is an exercise done without judgement but just to observe.  It is easily done, perhaps because it is a holiday and that I do not have to think about house cleaning nor the necessity to tidy up.  Perhaps, the energy of the country plays a part too.  Holidays in Thailand, then again holidays in itself, have a way to let me to forget about all those chores and just to relax the mind and the body.  It is about a slack pace of life.

One of the things that is often asked is about our accommodation.  In this article, I will highlight the places that we had stayed before.

Dusit Thani Hotel

When we started going to Bangkok, we stayed at Hotel Dusit Thani couples of time.  Then, we had a dear friend who arranged those accommodations.  Dusit Thani was at a very convenient location in Silom area at Rama IV Road.  Just outside the hotel, there were the Sala Daeng BTS Sky Train station and Silom underground MRT.  It was also a walking distance to the popular entertainment district Patpong and the night market.

Staff and service here were friendly and good.  It worth to buy their deli breads after 8 p.m.

The facade from Silom Underground MRT
Panaromic view of the pool area

One of deluxe rooms we stayed

Adelphi Grande Serviced Apartment

We like Adelphi Grande serviced apartment at Sukhumvit Soi 41.  In our opinion, this serviced apartment is comparable to any four or five-star hotels.  The rooms are spacious and beautifully laid-out with hardwood flooring.  The good thing, the flooring did not give us the 'dirty' feel.

The only setback is its proximity to public transport.  Though the property provides free shuttle to the main road, it is about 10 minutes walk to/from Phrom Phong BTS Sky Walk Train Station.  The nearest shopping is the high end Emporium Shopping Center.

The staffs are friendly and the service is good.

The Lobby

The Main Entrance

The Main Facade

One of the Deluxe Room we stayed

Furama Xclusive Sathorn

We stay in this hotel couples of time.  It is at the far end of Silom, a rather quiet area, and only five minutes walk to Chong Nonsi BTS Sky Walk Train staion.  It is about fifteen minutes walk to Patpong entertainment district and the night market.

Both staff and service are good.  We always manage to get an upgrade to their Deluxe/Premier rooms.

The Main Facade

One of the Deluxe Room we stayed with kitchenette area

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