Sunday, September 09, 2012

When Mistakes Are Made

God, Fill My Waking Hours With Joy And Peace of Mind.  In My Sleep, A Bed Besides You.

As humans, we can't never be free from making mistakes.  We just can't escape; no one is perfect.

Though it is good to minimize its occurrence and not to duplicate them in magnitude, mistakes are realization best friend.  It is just the way things are.  Though we dearly love not to make mistakes in life, imperfection is part of our human condition.  Inevitably, we are going to make mistakes, sometimes big and inexcusable ones.  That bad things, like it or not, are sometimes going to happen.  That we are always, and often non-negotiable, going to find things to regret. 

I have come to understand that no mistakes are entirely our loss only if we are to learn something out from them.  It is the only way for us to become aware, to build a better conscience and a tool to look inward for something good and positive.  Mistakes are there for a reason to serve us a clue as to what is going on in our world.  While that may be certainly true, mistakes are made by people who are yet to learn to accept responsibility for themselves and for their actions.

However, there must always be a realization about mistakes and its limit.  It is good if we can be aware whenever we make mistakes and to own them.  One should learn, and learn quickly and wisely, not to make repeated mistakes.  These poignant learning experiences build our consciousness.  These affecting learning experiences shape the better person we will become.  Should we keep faulting with mistakes, our consciousness stores more negative vibrations.  It results with gloomy outcome that envelope our auric field, in our life force.

The way I see, there are generally two kinds of mistakes people make.

First, there are errors in judgement.  We tend to make decisions based on a spur of moment and take it to a higher level than it probably needs to go.  It makes us to be over-reacting.  While reacting is an ordinary reaction and human, but to continue that reaction is extraordinary.  It is, unconsciously, a tendency of human slip-ups (more of self-fulfilling prophecy) where the sub-conscious mind is allowed to focus on one thing without considering its consequences.

Second, there are errors of heart and commitment.  Here, our emotions cloud the truth and we acted against our awareness to do the right things and the things right.   Our emotions cling to hopes and hopes to nothingness.  Psychologically, we believe by doing something, something else is going to happen that can change the current situations.  It is like we are waiting for someone who hurt us to apologize, or maybe we are waiting for the day they will be held accountable for what they did to us and we end up waiting a very long time.  Sometimes forever.

I believe when we fall into the occasional crack, it is about the right time where God wants us to realize something about ourselves.  The time has arrived where something about us needs to change.  We need to change how we view ourselves, our priorities, how we live and what are our realities.  It could be about making peace with our past, about abandoning regrets to the things we do or we didn't do.  Chances, it is about forgiving ourselves.

When mistakes are made, it is about giving ourselves permission to be imperfect, to be human.  Importantly, it is about the birth of consciousness and finding ourselves the courage and strength to allow ourselves to accept that different choices could have been made.  It is about a commitment to make better decisions in the future.  We just have to learn from the mistakes presented to us, as lessons while we forgive ourselves for the "bad days".

What matters next is how we make them.  Making mistakes for the wrong reasons or causes, when all our actions, words or decisions are derived from a place of ego, deprivation, ignorance, greed or some ugly source within that makes us like we are not ourselves will only cripple our hearts.  When we are aware that mistakes are made and make good thereafter, we live with a spirit filled with dedication to compassion, to love, to giving, to selflessness, to hope and to sharing.

As a humane human being, we just have to life our life and, inevitably, make mistakes.  But, we have to make them for the right reasons.

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