Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Am Not Going To Fight About It

God, Provide Me What Is Mine.

Basically, there are two types of conduct that people will do to get what they want.  There is either a motivational goal where we fight for what we want or we choose to formulate in thinking to achieve its ends.  Either way, there is no right nor wrong representation as all human activities are aimed at something good, i.e. the goal to which they are directed.  However, the good is that, which one is attempting to achieve versus failure or just acting aimlessly.

Either way, it shows that there are choices.  It is a matter of choosing the best attitude that works best, that suits the individual and how he thinks.  There are many people, often with good reason, who believe that they should fight for what they want.  They will go all way out, sometimes to the extent of trading in with sacrifices, in order to get with what their hearts desire.  It does not matter, let's be honest, in the process that they hurt some other people along the way.  What is important to them, they get to own their winning prize.

I am not talking about sports here.  Yes, in sports, we have to fight to win.  We have to knock down our opponent to get to victory.  That's the name of the game, after all.  For that reason, all sportsmen are encouraged to fight.  They have to fight against their endurance, against their stamina and to stretch beyond their limits.  They fight against time to stay fit and should they fail, they will keep on fighting until they win.

'Fight', to me, gives the impression and to suggest one's insecurity.  As is, the word itself encompasses a negative energy surrounding the 'fighter'.  It encourages the development towards confrontation and conflict with the attempt to gain some kind of power over another.  There is a local slang to describe 'fighters' - 'die die must win' - which aptly fits with their inner desire towards their accomplishments.

Subconsciously, 'fighters' fight for the sake of recognition.  They desire to be accepted.  At the extreme, they feel the lack of love either within oneself or the world.  Personally, I know of someone who goes on fighting in her life.  She 'fights' with herself and with all the people around her for the sake to love and be loved.  In her struggle, her 'fights' include buying time and gifts (sometimes, expensive purchases) just to remind others of her presence and existence.

While it is sad (in my opinion) to be in such a situation, 'fighters' usually do not see it that way.  They feel it is their exclusive right and a privilege to serve.  Ironically, they feel happy just doing them.  There is fulfillment within their souls.  It brings them satisfaction.  Ultimately, should they fail, they feel that they have given it all.  Should they win, they feel lucky.  All those efforts, to them, are well justified.

These fighting characteristics do not mean that they are immensely bad and negative individuals.  They have little to do with their real being.  Positively, they know what they want and will fight till they satisfy their self-interest.

Then, there are people who choose to think rather than to fight.  Many 'thinkers' surrender without the desire to fight towards accomplishing their wants.  It could be a lame action but they seek at the Universe to accord their rewards.  'Thinkers' are usually misunderstood to have given up hopes easily.  They are considered weak, indecisive and irresolute.

To surrender has its own merits.  It is not a bad thing and has nothing to do with defeat, humiliation and losing.  Something amazing usually happens when we surrender and just love.  We are brought into another world, a realm of power that is already within us.  Universally, the world changes when we change.  The world softens when we soften and the world loves us when we choose to love the world.

'Thinkers' rely much on Universal laws.  Generally, they believe what is theirs is theirs.  There is no need to fight for it.  The nature of reality has somewhat orchestrated by the Universe and nothing can happen without a cause.  There is always a reason for anything and everything.  "Thinkers' rather think, perhaps with prayers, for the best way out to achieve their accomplishments.

Whatever we choose to represent the modus operandi in our quest, we ought to consider the burn-out rate for each representation.  Sometimes, it is good just to let nature takes its own course.  There is always a possible solution to all problems.  Time is essential and time is man's best friend.  I shall end here with quotes from Susannah Conway:

“Time alone is as essential as breathing. Time to check in with ourselves, to sit in the core of who we are and uncover what’s really going on in there. If our cells are repaired while we sleep, then our heart is renewed in the quiet of the alone. And it’s there in the stillness that we truly get to know ourselves, learning how to live with genuine curiosity and desire, rather than need and avoidance.”

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