Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Understand The Language Of The Universe

God, Your Love Encompasses Without Words.

Very often, when we are to meet a foreigner with a different language, the only way that we get to understand each other is through a sound language.  We sound the language that we know and with the help of our hands' gestures, somehow, communication is established.  While it is still so much a chicken and duck situation, we do get to cross over to interpret for a common language.  We are able to make conversation.  Though very likely, there is also a high chance where we are lost in translation.

The Language of the Universe, though mystical, is highly adaptable but it takes our interpreting requirement significantly.  When I used to have a house pet, I experienced that the Language of the Universe did not put a stop in conveying messages.  There was no boundary to communicate between us. All that I had to do was to make the sound of the English language and My Dear Ruby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pretty well responded.

On another occasion, where I wanted to know about events surrounded me but had no courage to ask, the Universe translated the language of the events through the voices of others.  The true events were revealed through the waves of energy of the moment, through quantum human senses and the conspiracy of nature around.

There are many other instances in my life where the Language of the Universe fills my human mind and speaks into the language of my consciousness.  Usually, it tells me a story and it answers my inquisitive mind.  Usually, it shares with me to understand the events in life, to understand human behaviours, to speak for the unspoken human voices.

More than often, the Language of the Universe weaves the answers for me.  There are so many instances where the truths are brought upon me.  There are many instances where the Language guides me to circumstances, situations and people who are ideal for me, even if I cannot see or experience them for the moment.

These experiences tell me that the Language of the Universe is very much universal regardless of who we are, what we are and where we are.  It is, to those who want to believe it, a one big language of consciousness.  The good thing, it is a language that finds the path towards us becoming illumined, clear, powerful and filled with ease and grace.  It brings us back to our divine way and it is a language of great blessing to each other as we discover the language of our heart and build heaven on Earth together. 

In fact, the Language of the Universe often brings me closer to the ocean of awareness.  The Language of the Universe is the foundation and the ultimate support where we can find ourselves and needing nothing.  Living with the simplicity of the Language makes us closer to experience the abundant love of the Universe.  Individually, universal language acquisition awakens personal wisdom and spirituality.

Somehow, Language of the Universe is a mysterious power that looks after us.  This power is about our awareness, our Self, our Life and God.  It is beyond consciousness where there is no time and space. 

The concept of the 'Butterfly Effect' is one good example of the Language of the Universe.  It simply states 'when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world'.  Seemingly, the language provides a significant moment that alters history and shape destinies.  It shows a cause and effect relationship.  It creates connections in the world we live in.

I have learned to rely on the Language of the Universe for my being.  For my interactions with others.  For my relationship with Life.  Some think that I may concoct suspicions allowing the Language of the Universe to govern for the events taking place and may never be able to separate the truth.  Still, I believe the Language opens more of me to see, hear, feel and smell.  The Language broadens my horizon and it heightens me to use my senses.  I have to embrace what Physicist Heinz Pagels says "The visible world is the invisible organization of energy" to be true.

Here it is! The word 'Energy' forms The Language of The Universe.  It is all about the organization of energy that we live in.  Everything about us and around us is some type of energy and everything vibrates at some frequency.  We, amongst each other, and the nature that surrounds us are a vast collection of energy that constantly exchange energy and information.  All that we need is to raise our vibrations in order to understand the vibes with the vibratory world around us.

I always believe that all of us are related and each of us is unique.  That all of us can be psychic in our own ways.  The Language of the Universe, however, does not categorize us that way.  The Language belongs to all of us who accept that we, and together with the nature around us, are vibrational transmitters and receivers of energies.

Time has probably come where everything around us is changing.  Language of the world can only create more problems.  Our body is changing; our ways of thinking are changing.  And, definitely, our ways of BEing and functioning are changing.  Our world language is experiencing a period of difficulties, challenges or even a feeling of lack of control.  Whether we want to believe it or not, the Language of the Universe is busy working for the good of all.  It is something that we should adapt now.

The concept to understand the Language of the Universe lies within our consciousness.  First, we must have a good understanding about the Law of Cause and Effect and how polarity works.  This is where the Law of Attractions and Vibrations at its finest.  Next, we have to observe how the waves of energy resonate to give rise to processes.

The very basic thing we have to do is about observation.  All that we need to do is to observe without making any judgement, without making any conclusion and without mental verbal diarrhea for logic and reasoning.  Next, it needs our listening skills where we listen to the energies of the tone, the waves and the words.

Whenever I am in doubt about something, I would always open my mind for the Language to process the situation for me.  Personally, this is the best way for me not to cast and, therefore, avoid judgement.  Mastering the Language of the Universe is about when we think we know and more than often, it is about our awareness through the energies around us.  Just like the butterfly effect, the winds, the clouds, the passing cars, the conversation we overheard, the human behaviors around us .. these are the Language of the Universe that is trying to communicate with us about our being.

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