Monday, November 12, 2012

I Want To Write Miracle Stories

God, I Know You Hear Me

This is the story where I believe a miracle is taking place.  As far as I believe, it is a miraculous progression on my spiritual faith.  It is a clarity in my insight towards the power of visualization and the power of prayer.  It is about, and with the awareness of the existence of my ego here, the possible highest knowledge that I have acquired thus far and how things work when I surrender to God for things to turn around.

PERHAPS - yes, it is a big "perhaps" that the situation of my health that I am now in and the recovery (with God willing) that I am experiencing is about my journey of faith.  It is about my recognition of God and how He works with me, of super powers in tandem with a visualized mind, of miracles in hope and faith, of spiritual healing with one's truth and trustworthiness, and how important it is to be positive in all circumstances in life. Basically, it is the sum of all thoughts, about the powers of prayers and how well my mind can accept with such serious  purposes.

I am a believer in the powers of prayers.  I am a believer that the sum of all in our thoughts, the positives (and all those negative ones), make a difference to life.  We make choices from choices but success comes to those who believe in the values, who are neither afraid to fail nor discouraged by failure.  I am a believer in the subtle powers of manifestations.  I am a believer that words are weighted with energy and they empower the outcome, the involvement of events that are to follow.

What is even more powerful is when there is a group of people, that forms the critical mass for a single purpose, citing the same prayer for the creation on certain intention.  The powers of prayers, through my experiences, should not be underestimated.  They are a sense of God's assent, an established communication to all our callings.

But before we can take this topic seriously and allows complete surrender to take its place, we need to take a closer look at faith and doubt.  We have to know the conviction of our faith (not necessarily in the spiritual sense) and how much doubts we amplify in life.  After which, how much do we open ourselves up to the possibility on the nature of miracle. 

We have to have enough faith that great things can happen just by changing the paradigm of the mind - our thought process.  Particularly, how do we allow these thought processes to stay positively firm on all things good, on the positive energies to make the difference?  We have to understand, and it is good that we comprehend and accept now, about the Law of Attractions and Vibrations. It is with our heightened awareness on its principle, and how much we want to believe, that we immerse our mental vibrations to be one with the potentials of the Universe.

On top of that, we need to know how answers to our prayers can happen.  What does it take for prayers to be answered.  How do we pray?  Are prayers recited for the transformation of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies while be true to altruistic intentions? 

One has to realize that all prayers are answered - big, small, bad and good.  We just do not feel and see nor notice the occurrences.  It usually takes us to reflect deeply to finally feel, see and notice.  It is always our faith and our many doubts that separate us from the realization. 

We, as humans, are often consumed in blind awareness to our personal sins and failures.  It is often in our faith to think that we do not deserve for our prayers to be answered.  It is often in our doubt that God will provide any possible answers to our prayers for we think we are not good enough.

One crucial key towards any rewards lies with the limit for patience in perseverance.  When we ask help through our prayers, we need to work together with God.  First, we begin a relationship with God and there must be an acceptance that there is God.  We must have faith that God is always here wanting us to experience with Him and the kind of life He wants to give us.  I have come to a realization that the relationship that we build with God is all about raising consciousness and to let His frequency lies not only outside us but inside too.

I always believe that God grants us our wish when He knows that we truly and honestly desire for it.  That when we know what we intimately want for our higher good, He casts the path for us.  The quality of the wish is utmost important; that we are in awareness of its consequences and consciously prepared to carry it out.  We are able to grasp the rewards and to make them work for our Higher Self and with the people around us.  There must be clarity, integrity and that we are pretty conscious to map the path according to the given prayer we make.

My Story

I had persevered the pain in my lower back for a long time.  When the spine specialist asked, I could not even tell him the exact period.  All that I knew,  it was probably from lifting heavy stuffs when I (out of my mind) painted the house all by myself back in Hertford - maybe more than 10 years ago.  I could have injured my lower spine doing so.

After a trip back from Italy last month, the real situation arose.  The pain that I usually experienced on my right butt became more severe.  The pain to my right leg, from my lower back to the right butt, had become extremely excruciating.  I barely could walk 10 steps and my right leg felt numb and cold with pins and needles sensation.

I did two MRIs (on 19th and 22nd October) and the scan reports showed that there was a cystic lesion, measuring 0.4 x 0.4 x 1.2cm, in the right aspect of my spinal canal at Lumber 4 and 5 level.  It was causing impingement of the right L5 nerve root.  Then, there was a mild posterior disc bulge at my L3, L4 and L5.  Also, there was 'dehydration' to my L4 and L5.

Of course, I was asked to consider a surgery to remove the cystic lesion and to correct the posterior disc bulge.  Medically, I was advised that I could be hospitalized for a week.  Meanwhile, I was given so many medications from painkiller, blood meds and nerve vitamins.

I came back home rather calm with the news.  Obediently, I took all the medicines but, somehow, they zonked me.  After two days, I took risk not to continue.  I told to myself that I was responsible for my own injury and I should take charge.  I told to myself that there ought to be good reasons for it to happen.  I started to heal myself differently.

I started to send love to my spine.  I started to forgive myself.  I started to pray for my highest good.  Yes, I felt scared and sad yet I accepted the condition.  Ironically, few days into healing myself, my cousin had an accident where she suffered broken bone at her right toe.  When she confided in me how discouraged she felt about her 'fate', I told her that all our mishaps came from God.  We must accepted it and, importantly, to be thankful for the life lessons albeit all the discomfort, pain and sorrow.

I shared with her - the one thing that I have learned, from my condition, that God must have written all these happenings and He wants us to accept and learn to pray to Him.  Exactly that is what I am doing.  I learn to know about my spine, about L3, L4 and L5.  About the cyst that should not be rightfully there.  I learn not to take life for granted - that I must have a vision in what I want and truthfully seek for it.

I have taken two holidays immediately after the MRI.  One to Bandung to bond with my family and another to Bangkok with some friends.  God must have done me good for I have not experienced any excruciating pain anymore.  The constant pain that I used to have at my right butt completely disappeared.  All that I feel, and it is only intermittently, a slight 'burning' sensation around L5.  It is with gratitude that I could walk and to enjoy the holidays.

I am thankful that the pain has disappeared.  Am I surprised? Yes.  Am I thankful? Very much.  I feel so much loved and I like to thank all my loved ones - my family and my closed friends, who have been praying for me.  Importantly, I am very much thankful to God for lessening my life agony.

I guess I just have to have faith.  I have to slow down in life.  I have to empower God within me.  Importantly, it is important that I have a strong commitment in my life, to love and to take care of my thought, my body and my soul.

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