Friday, August 22, 2008

From A Distance

We didn't go down to inspect Reiki Sanctuary's renovation progress for the whole of this week.  Nevertheless, Chiauw updates us daily.  We can only embrace her in our heart - so near yet so far.  As much as we want to see, and check, we trust that Chiauw is taking charge.  She knows best and she will, definitely, make sure that we get what we have asked for.

From a distance ... we can only visualize the progress.  We can only hope of hopes.  We can only love of loves.  From a distance, we need to learn to have faith.  And trust.  It should be the heart of every man.  It should be the adrenalin of peace.  Of joy.  And above all, letting the Universe to watch us.  To guide us.  To keep us in comfort. 

When there's a foundation, space is relative.  When there's courage, boundary is just another word.  When there's love, nothing is too much trouble.  It is what we keep inside our heart that counts.  Love conquers all.

Often, it is always the human emotion that sets the outcome.  When we lose track of what's important, of what's we truly desire, of the rainbows that connect .. the missing-you feeling can shape a different equilibrium.  What we want, and when it is already filled with peace and joy, with mutual understanding and respect, let love grow without the boundaries.  It is said, pure love can truly make a difference.  Love is the only factor in our lives that finds fulfillment, in just giving.

Since we decided to re-tile the living and dining areas, the hacking was done and completed last Friday.  Yes, it took only one day to do it.  That was Chiauw's instruction - as HDB permitted hacking and demolition from Friday till Sunday.  Of course, the saturday and sunday was kinda a joke, as stated in HDB letter to us.  To avoid unnecessary complaints from the neighbours, it was wise that Chiauw was strict.

The tilers started their works from Monday and scheduled to finish on Thursday.  We were told not to go down as the tilers would do "wet tiling".  Not kinda sure what is that, guess, it is about screeding cement on the floor and laying tiles above it.  It is, according to Chiauw, a gentle way to achieve a flatter levelled surface.  And the space in between tiles can be narrower. 

Another way to lay tiles is "dry tiling".  This method is best for marble flooring as marble, during manufacturing, has achieved a flat levelled finish.  For other types of tiles, using this method, will have a slightly bigger in-between tiles space.  It is to prevent tiles from popping in future.

The teak parquet installation, for all the bedrooms and study area, will start on Friday.  Hopefully, it can finish by Saturday.  Once the floors are done, Reiki Sanctuary should be about 50 percent completed.  Next, the electrician can start fixing the lights; the plumber can start installing the sanitaryware; the aircon men can fix the fan coils and the painter can start to paint.  We hope Uncle Chong, the joiner, can also start to do all the wood works.

We miss you, Reiki Sanctuary.  It is always good to see you grow each day.  And always beautiful.  That, with each of our visits, you have always something new to show us.  Something nice.  Something that makes us proud.  Something that we endear, greatly.  Something seems to be missing when you are not by our side.  Still, you are in our mind.  In our heart.  In our prayers.

We really wanna come to see you.  We really wish we could.  We are just missing you ..

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