Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting the Housing Agent to work ..

Everyday is about learning.  When we bought the flat, we didn't know that we need to give the housing agent one percent commission.  We took for granted, from our first experience with Hertford, that only the seller would pay the two percent commission and nothing from the buyer.
We felt rather short-changed when the agent told us that this is industry practise for HDB transactions.  Hmm, giving the agent commission and what he does is only to submit the paper work to HDB?
Mr Wong, the agent, has a wierd way of doing his business.  When we first met him to view the house, we were introduced to his 'another buyer', a lady who came with him, to view.   However, while we were busy looking around the house and asking questions with the seller, she did not seem to be interested.  Later that evening, we met the lady again when Mr Wong brought us to meet the seller to finalise the Offer To Purchase.  It was pretty obvious that the lady could either be his girl friend or his wife.  Haha, how could a potential 'another buyer' spent the whole day with him, even accompanying him when we were signing the option papers?
I guess that is how some agents conduct their business.  However, that approach does not appeal to us.  Perhaps, he does sense our thought and tries to make amends.  When we get him to retrieve the house plan for us, he did it.  When we get him to report about the yellowish patch - probably water sippage, with HDB branch office, he did it.
Overall, he is a nice guy but over enthusiastic.  He is rather resourceful.  With every simple questions that we ask him, he would go at length to provide us with information.
All said, all the best to you, Mr Wong!  Guess, we are all not so perfect, afterall.

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