Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shopping - Headache No. 1

It was a long day.  Chiauw picked us at about noon.  She had earlier gone to Sungei Kadut to get samples of the wood for the bedrooms.  That saved us a trip - initially, we were supposed to go there with her.

Our first stop was to a sanitary ware shop somewhere in Jalan Besar.  Gosh, I didn't know that Jalan Besar is such an area for all kind of household things.  Chaiuw wanted to show us an alternative of the white ceramic kitchen sink, at a lower price but with a proper (and bigger) basket waste.  Surprisingly, the price is soooo much cheaper than the one we saw last week.  Anyway, more of headache about kitchen sink later.

At the same shop, we took another interest.  We had earlier intended to bring over our existing kitchen hob to Reiki Sanctuary as it still looked new.  Guess, it might now change our mind. 

We saw a sleek Rinnai [model RB2CG] glass ceramic kitchen hob and liked it instantly.  The size was just right with two Inner-Flame technology burner.  Ah, hold on to your chair - this hob was not cheap!  It was slightly more than $800! 

Chaiuw teased that should we want to have it, we would be her first home client ever to get a kitchen hob more than $400.

Rinnai RB2CG Glass Ceramic Kitchen Hob

The Inner-Flame Burner Technology

What is Inner-Flame Technology?

The purpose of the unusual design is to create a coherent, unified
flame that rises under the center of a pan, then flows outward, bathing
the entire bottom of the pan in flame. This approach heats the pan with
greater uniformity and improves the efficiency of heat transfer from
the flame to pan, which is good for even frying without getting burned

In addition to aiming the ports inward, two other design
factors assist in shaping the flame. One is that the burner sits
slightly below the surface of the cooktop, helping the individual
flames to coalesce toward the center as they rise through a hole in the
cooktop surface.

Secondly, and more importantly, the burner ports are angled slightly on
the horizontal plane. The effect of the flames shooting out an angle is
to create a fiery vortex. The swirling flame is meant to accomplish two
things. One, it assists in driving the flame outward across the bottom
of the pan, helping to evenly bathe the pan bottom with flame. Two, the
vortex creates a pressure drop that assists in drawing air in for
combustion allowing for a strong consistent flame.

Will sleep with the thought whether to go ahead ..

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