Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tibetan Geomancy

Whenever I am invited to a house, it is always easy to sum up the vibrational energy within the household.  The basic layout of a house can reveal a specific aspect of the owner and the family.  The placement of objects, the play with colours, the clustered areas - these are elements that will shape and influence within the sacred place , the soul of the house and, ultimately, to our personality, attitudes, characters, behaviour. 

What is there in the house - the life that we give to each scared place, is the total sum to our psychological appearance.

Our lives and the place we occupy [be it a room, an office building, a home] are inseparable.  Therefore, it is wise that we should be more selective about what we keep, or place, in that area in order to bring greater ease and harmony to that aspect of our life.  Storing out-and-out junk in the prosperity area, for example, can create financial problems.

Tibetan Geomancy is about dividing the area into nine sacred squares.  Each square resonates with specific sacred element and energy.  In Tibetan Geomancy, the sacred elements are:

01.  Prosperity/Wealth/Abundace
02.  Elders/Family/Community
03.  Knowledge/Wisdom/Self-Improvement
04.  Fame/Reputation/Illumination
05.  Health/Unity
06.  Career/Life Path/The Journey
07.  Relationship/Love/Marriage
08.  Creativity/Offspring/Projects
09.  Helpful friends/Compassion/Travel

I was a sceptic when I first started with Tibetan Geomancy.  However, after months of observation and self validation, and removing or cluttering a scared square, the results can be very alarming. 

At the end of the day, I believe that every house, every room, every building - anywhere we occupy, there's a soul to it.

What we need to do is to de-cluster and amplified with an object to resonate with the soul in each sacred squares.

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