Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Words of Wisdom

God, Guide Me Not To Slip Into Complacency In My Earthly Life.

The other day I was chatting with my dearest Indigo friend and told him that I had fallen into the lazy mode, for these past few weeks or so, for not updating my blog.  While I felt a little guilty allowing myself to slip away from the actual discourse to the purpose of having this blog, the Universe continued to nudge my conscience when someone else remarked that my blog had not been updated for quite awhile.  My indigo friend jested that I should just write, as to update my regular writing here and make peace with my conscience, to wish my readers a belated lunar new year greeting.  I liked that humor.

Why do I have such guilt for not writing or updating?  Somehow, I take this guilt to be positive.  It puts me on track to remind me of my desires in life.  Admittedly, as I look back at my life and the events that take place from my last entry here, this lazy mode causes some imbalance energetically within my life force.  I felt sick and, probably, the bad and lengthy cough spell that I had was an indication.  It was a congested burning up feeling to bark at the world.

How true!  My writing here often gives myself a sense of belonging.  A sense where I put myself in conversation with God.  Where I verbalize to express in words the deepest desire in creating the light that is to shine my path on Mother Earth.  I must tell myself not to forget about my conviction and the commitment that I have made when I started this blog - not only for the better of being who I am but the constant communication that I must make with God and the Universe.  I actually write it here in this entry - I Could Have Given It Up.

In that entry, I wrote "It is my believe that a written desire, penned sacredly, is a way to communicate with the Universe.  It is a way of reaching out, receiving in.  It is the only way the Universe will know how serious we want the things in life."

Honestly, I am waking up my complacency today.  I want to fight back this lazy mode that has pulled me into a state of contentment which, unfortunately, has made me to think that it has a negative impact.  Honestly, I have meant to write about Soul Mate and its effects at end of February and the intention just goes under the carpet.  Ironically, this very act where I simply dismiss to honor to act opens the can of worms.  Synchronicity has it and I am surrounded with events, from the people around me, that lament on it.

No, I am not going to write about that topic here today.  Today is about giving me the impetus to walk out from my complacency.  Today, I am nudging lovingly at my soul to heal.  Today, I am gently encouraging my soul to heal.  Today is about awareness.  Today is about re-living and re-membering my life wants to heal.

Today I want to share some beautiful thoughts and the words of wisdom that I receive, through an email, from another dearest friend.  They are beautiful and I feel these 45 beautiful thoughts and words of wisdom must be shared ...

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Hope you have enjoyed it!

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