Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Mantra

The story behind every successful person lies with his conviction.  Of how he develops qualities to promote and develop his devotion towards his highest morals and responsibilities.  Of his obligation to carry forward assigned tasks to a successful conclusion.  Of how he assumes the accountable phenomenon with integrity and holds such conduct with such care.  Of a purpose to establish a perpetual bond for distinguished characteristic.

We live in a frame of existence that follows the heaven dynamic.  Where the means and methods for rising out of shadows, into deep consciousness, and match our earthly life to the descriptions of heaven.  The heaven dynamic creates a structure where no one goes without and no one is left in need.  All things created, we are souls of heaven, are addressed with our own survival and comfort.

However, the path towards the heaven dynamic is not an easy one but once such a frame is created, it is easily achievable.  To achieve creation, we have to learn to navigate.  We must be willing to make what is defined.

Since the day I attended school, I learned the importance of associating myself with the school's motto.  From the very first day, all the students - including me, were taught to develop and achieve something in life.  We were asked to convey, to think about, of becoming a unique individual.  Of something that would bring us out of our shortcomings and limitations and of something that would be achievable.

All schools, all corporate businesses, all organizations and societies promote a maxim pressing for a process. For a purpose.  For psychological mental tool to assign brief expression of collective reality of consciousness.  Much of this is considered justifiable.  In the absence of collective convergence, having a single motto draws each characteristics of all individuals together.

As individuals, what we can do is to find our strength.  Find peace within ourselves.  Find the ability to laugh at ourselves and all our foibles.  We owe it to seize the heaven dynamic to legitimize our actions that will bring peace to our future.

Having a life mantra, the purpose and motto of life, promotes the ideals of truth.  It helps to keep our goals, and purposes, alive.  It is an organization of thought not likely to be affected with the maze of everyday lives.  It is of a focused path to life.  Of an opportunity to lend our life journey to create positive changes.  Of a driving force that effects our future.  It is an accomplishment of a consolidated energy taking on an attribute, in subtle proportions, for an impetus towards a divine plan to every person's life and every situations.

We all face obstacles in life.  But these obstacles should simply be looked at as challenges that we can overcome.  Knowing our life mantra, that has a deep-seated belief within, adds light to our consciousness.  It forms the pillar for us to fall back.  It brings balance to life process and its challenges, and striving to create joy and harmony.

Many successful individuals believe that a life mantra is necessary.  It is about taking loving care of their lives through a guided motto that allows awareness with their highest self, which in turn allows to give more joy, love and wisdom.  It is about acknowledging that they are free from the limitations of time to receive opportunities and manifest miracles.  The more we believe in our mantra, the nearer we are to become what we think about [ourselves].

A mantra must be powerful words that we can express from a sacred place of love and compassion within.  We need to think about it hard enough to create a major shift within our consciousness.  We need to choose the words wisely, always with the intention to heal, learn and grow.  It does not matter if we think it would be impossible.  But, we need to look at it as a challenge that we can overcome.

A mantra is the driving force to let us become a better person.  Of allowing the future to synchronize with our desires.  Of a positive methodological conspiracy theory to lend support for one collective thought energies.  It characterizes a belief of an individual for an accomplished end, aimed at eradicating on a lifelong quest to keep evolving and growing beyond self-imposed limitations.  It is a subtle high vibrational manifestation life force energy.

I have worked with people who have a thirst for knowledge and self discovery and to let their life mantras become their guiding force.  The believers have such phenomenal successes unfolded.  Perhaps, the most contentious aspect of the success is their likely value applied in their search for meaning in life.  Once cognized, the mantra reinforces subtle influences without them being aware of the attitudes have changed.  In turn, their own attitudes become more in favour of the hidden power to influence all factors beyond human control.

Choosing a life mantra must derived from an awareness of the truth of something; have a belief or faith of a theory of fact.  This renders a comprehensible sequence of life events and there is always the hope, however tenuous, of becoming one with dignity for our own destiny.  Behind every mantra, an often unconscious but necessary affirmation, is manifested to link us in the right place at the right time.  It is all about negotiating contracts of accountability for what may, or may not, seem to serve a useful purpose in the beginning.

Everything that is repetitively affirmed will come to sense.  Everything that is nurtured conceptualizes the appropriate end results.  Everything that a mind thinks streamed the intervention with the law of attractions and vibrations.  A miracle can only happen when we think we are already living in a miracle.  Our consciousness is unlimited and unparalleled.

To do anything with life mantra, a consciousness must first be acquired.  Understanding is an important aspect of becoming enlightened.  A mantra finds solution to a problem.  That is a fact.  A life mantra is a powerful nature dynamic of an alchemical consciousness.  The moment seems to come to every individual, in his perspective, that he thinks he got it from the more he thinks about it.  A life mantra assimilates the meaning of life by committing oneself on its validity.

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