Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Is The Love

I am certain that nearly everyone would agree that honesty is the best policy; that we are told honesty breeds comfort.  Our parents tell us it is so; our teachers tell us it is so; our partners tell us it is so.  So are the friends whom we meet regularly, those that desire to cherish a good tie, tell us to be honest with each other.  The whole community, where we live in, expect it to be so too.  It is the comfort knowing all relationships are being prized preciously with love and respect that makes everyday a joy.  And, the peace of mind that can only escalate all our daily activities and turn all events with gratifying desire for positive endeavours.  In moral terms, honesty is without a doubt a virtue, and dishonesty is a vice.
We should want to be honest because it opens a climate full of trust and confidence that will only lead to healthy attitudes and relationships.  William Shakespeare said "Honesty is the best policy.  If I lose mine honor, I lose myself.'  What is uttered from the heart alone, in the spirit of staying true and honest, will win the hearts of others to our own.  Integrity is telling the truth; honesty is telling the truth to other people.
Honesty, which is often an under-rated virtue, holds rewards filled with dear promises where people will just want to deal with us much more because they can open up and, in return, trust us.  Honesty, and being truthful, lets an individual with nothing to hide. He/she can walk proud and does not have to remember what was being said and who he/she said it to. Honesty renders, in us, to have a clean and clear conscience, which is ever essential if we are to render sacred service to humankind.  Being honest is a lot easier as it eliminates the gnawing fear of being caught.  Unfortunately, to some, becoming honest is not an easy thing to do.
Matter of factly, honesty should be ingrained naturally in us and to be a second nature to live life daily.  It should be a constant mantra in all that we say, do and think - in all our daily interactions with another being.  That we should say what is the truth and genuinely not devious, do what is honestly right which is characterized with admission of responsibility, and think not to deceive but to hold and display integrity.  We should honor to bring the nurturing power of the Universe's energy into our life that brings lasting positive results.
Yet, when push comes to shove and our failure to take charge of our swinging thoughts, many of us just cannot help to uphold such a simple virtue but to tell white lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings.  We might even tell ourselves a little white lie to face ourselves from the reality of truth.  Perhaps, we have been brought up by our social environment to hide the truth as to avoid troubles, or risking causing offense to others who may not want or need to hear the complete truth.
No matter how insignificant we might think a little white lie has on any relationship, the energy of this little white lie looms between us and the other person.  We might argue, and probably validate all reasons to ease our conscience, that little white lies are harmless.  That being honest hurts.  However, they are like small cracks that weaken the overall structure in the long term.  Speaking the truth (honesty) is analogous to a complete full picture made with every pieces of the jigsaw puzzles where each piece needs to fit at the right place.  Words, just like the jigsaw pieces, are energy that vibrate with every thought process that must move in one direction.  That, at the end of any communication, a perfect picture should surface.  Dishonesty will only magnify the inadequacy out from the missing jigsaw piece.
Many may not realize the drained energy in them executing lies.  It is almost a God's way for us to forget the lies that we had told someone; lies are just hard to remember.  Lies are not factual events - they are not pieces of the jigsaw puzzles for that complete full picture - and the energy does not get stored in our memory.  People do not remember what was said and, worse, if they are words made to deceive.
Giving someone a false compliment or ostensibly protecting someone can create problems later when the alternate truths we created become the basis for further interactions.  Even when all future actions may be honest, the underlying unstable foundation of a little white lie will threaten to derail an otherwise good relationship.  This then will lead to further energy being spent on keeping things hidden, working to remember the little white lies we have told and fearing the consequences of being found out.  Ultimately, at a very unconscious and subconscious levels, our relationship with another becomes a tiring and draining experience.
Being honest is about speaking the truth and affirming what already is.  It transcends the honest flow of life and moves with the same direction of the universal law of cause and effect.  It cultivates and strengthens our physical, emotional and spiritual well being and leaving us with more energy for other pursuits.  When we speak and live our truth, the universe supports us.
Personally, I am guilty of telling white lies, though I would want to assert an action 'omitting the truth' as a defence.  Somehow, with all the reasons that I could give to validate and defend my actions, I often wonder why - after the white lies or omit the truths are told - what kind of a person am I?  What prompted me to seek such alternative, in all the moral and social terms, as desirable?  Do I want to take the risk to fail myself as a lightworker and/or warrior of light - the principles of my life, having such deficit in social interaction to morality?  The guilt that creeps afterwards is just not worth it.
My point here, everybody lies.  By the time a child gains an awareness of the use and power of language, dishonesty becomes second nature and a typical brain development.  It is as good as giving dishonesty a defined characteristic of what it is to be human.  Infact, it is not the only defining characteristic, but it does separate us from other animals.  Some non-human species may have a limited capacity for deception but humans have a flexible, unlimited capacity for deception.
Becoming an honest person requires a deep awareness and consciousness for integrity.  For harmony, respect and to strike a balance.  When we just love someone, and care enough for their happiness, we should live to speak and act the truths.  When a person lies, he/she has broken a bond - the unspoken agreement to treat others with love and respect, as we would like to be treated.  Dishonesty, or deception, often makes it impossible for us to trust another person again.  When the issue of trust is on the line, coming clean about the lie as soon as possible is the best way to mend fences.
Today, I am making a conscious effort to free myself of the burden of dishonesty.  This writing is about a prayer to attract the energy of honesty that sets my life for meaningful attitudes and relationships.  Towards a better quality of life.  Towards greatest love and respect.    For my life to follow the honest flow of life, may this writing resonate deep with my soul.  Together, with all the people that cross into my path and those that I treasure, we shall begin today to choose honesty in every of our interactions.
.. and all in the name of Love.

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