Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Celebration Of Life - Part Five

Living With Tibetan Geomancy

"All my needs are taken care of
as I follow My Higher Path"

Over the last ten years, I have lived my life with Tibetan Geomancy.  Not into a detailed Tibetan astrology per se but with the basic philosphy and a styled spiritual practice of geomancy which supposedly to bring harmony and peace.  Reiki Sanctuary was bought and renovated according to it.  Hertford, our previous sanctuary, was re-aligned subsequently (after I got to know about Tibetan Geomancy) to fit into the nine Tibetan bagua. 

No, I am not much a feng shui believer.  I avoid, with respect, Chinese Feng Shui but not Tibetan Geomancy.  It is just me that I want to live a life free from anything superstitious.  To me, and perhaps it is due to my limited knowledge on the subject, Chinese Feng Shui is all about an audit of beliefs as to where and how things should be positioned to create the flow of balance and harmony. 

To me, there are just too many certain rules to abide and there are restrictions surround Chinese Feng Shui.  Perhaps, it is my confusion on the directions and representations of the five elements of water, wood, metal, earth and fire.  A wrong placement and combination of any of these five elements, as claimed, result in destructive and deconstructive environment.

However, whether it is Chinese Feng Shui or Tibetan Geomancy, the purpose is about creating an optimal balance to improve our health, wealth, love and good fortune.  It is about tapping into the invisible energies, or Chi, and invigorate them to manifest and radiate and regaining control over our lives.  When we attain the ideal energy, the balance and harmony to our life will unify.

I believe every house is a good house.  It is what we place inside, with love and treated with care, that will change the vibrations.  Every corners of the house possess a force of good energies or an indwelling nature spirit.  From this point of view, these corners carry certain vibrations that make each location a power place.

Tibetan Geomancy, unlike Chinese Feng Shui, is not so much with where and how things are positioned.  It does not ascertain on the specifications of the five elements, though it is interconnected.  In Tibetan Geomancy, it emphasizes on how we show our respect to every corners and how a location is treated.  The Tibetans believe there is some kind of force or energy connected to the way things have come together in any location, of the house, to make it what it is.

This ideology is something that I can closely connect.  There is some subtle, and perhaps indescribable energy, that makes a particular location (or area) "beautiful"; a place where we can just sense of a power or presence.

All things that happen in life can be reduced down to nine categories or life situations.  They are:

01.  Abundance
02.  Reputation
03.  Love
04.  Family
05.  Health
06.  Children
07.  Knowledge
08.  Career
09.  Compassion

All nine categories can be mapped in our home, and are each called a bagua grid.  These grids reveal how the different areas are connected to specific aspects of our life.  Understand each grid brings great revelation.  For the last ten years, I have observed the co-relations of these grids and how it affects the house dwellers.  Our lives and the house we occupy are inseparable.

My faith, and my teaching, with Tibetan Geomancy is plain simple - it is what we keep in each grid that will bring greater ease and harmony to that aspect of our life.  As mentioned earlier, Tibetan Geomancy is about how we show respect to every corners and how a location is treated.  Storing out and out junk in a specific grid can have a more serious effect.  A junk room in the abundance area, for example, can create financial problems in our life.

The Universe has conspired; giving us the good tidings of Tibetan Geomancy can fetch far reaching physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects in our lives.  It is also a call to discipline ourselves to keep our house clean, neat and tidy away from clutters.  It is about creating that sacred space so that the Law of Vacuum could just fill it in tandem with every aspects of life.

October is a month of celebration - The celebration of our life.

It is a month where we want to give our gratitude to Reiki Sanctuary. Without her, life makes no sense. With her, life is not miserable nor empty. It accomplishes the most basic level for our soul to find peace on earth. It is her existence that we are here to find purpose.

When the Universe created Reiki Sanctuary, it gives our soul the purpose-driven life. It should be a sanctuary to simplify decisions, to increase satisfaction and most importantly, it should be a place for us to prepare for eternity. Here is where we should learn about life lessons. Here is the place that shall provide for purpose, for meaning and for greater significance.

Reiki Sanctuary comes with the love of the Universe to us. We have to acknowledge that. We have to put our hearts to love for her. We have to recognize the purpose, and to live with greater hopes.

Thank You, Reiki Sanctuary.

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