Monday, April 08, 2013

I Am Still So Much In Love

God, In Your Wisdom I Shall Be

And suddenly I have this big idea to change the face of my blog.  Again.  Perhaps, it is about changing the inertia.  Changing the energy.  Transforming to the new flow of a higher dimension.  Ascending with the changes.  Making new resolutions.  Bringing the awareness to scale into a new consciousness.  Shifting the paradigm of the old Self to align with the new Self.

I have to be more focus.  I must have specific goals.  I must know what will move me to be more proactive in life.  I have to know what I love in order for love to reward me.  But I must be aware with the quality of love.  Do I want love for love sake or do I want love that can propel my soul to soar higher?  Do I want to bask in love that my whole life force energizes or do I want love because I need to be in love?

Love requires commitment.  I have to pledge for it to grow.  My soul has to be in the state of love for love to grow.  It has to be from within me.  It has to start from me, from my brain cells to the molecular of my soul.  I must have burning desires for love to become passion and compassionate.

I am thankful that today has jolted me, again, to be conscious.  Today prompts me to ask about my Be-ing.  Where am I?  Who am I?  What am I?  Why am I?  Do I love with myself?  Do I love life?  Do I treasure awareness?  Do I want to allow consciousness to grow and that I have to be a part?

Truth is, I am always in love with the beauty of awareness.  I am always in love with the highest consciousness of life.  I am always in love with God and His essence.  It is, in such deep emotions, that something about me exists.  It makes me to live (for) with my purpose and it gives me the strength to live.

I am still so much in love with blogging, albeit the complacency lately.  There has to be something that is lacking that empowers my absence.  That prolongs the state of unconcerned.  I learn, complacency is like an elixir with slow death.  It does not promote growth but a decaying energy.  It has transmutative property capable to drift the soul into a state of restlessness.  Into a state of confusion and anxiety.

And then, gratefully, I wake up today with a desire to give a new facelift to Reiki Sanctuary, the Blog.  With such desire, I thank God.  I am sure He has been observing my inertia far too long.  He knows how my soul has become far too restless.  Hopefully, this is His energetic change for me.

In honoring it, I have to ask myself what do I want now?  I have been looking around, for the last hours, for a new template and as long as I do not know what I want, I will not find what I am looking for.  True enough.  There are many nice templates.  Certainly, there is one that I can choose and start to work on it.

I have to know.  For now, I am finding His strength to lead me .. but I have to be proactive.  I need to know that I want it.  Only then that I truly believe He will provide me.

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