Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Little Things To Remind Me

God, Thank You For Providing Me Your Hands To Walk Me Through

There are times that I doubt about my gift.  Sometimes, I feel that I have gone a little insane, a little egoistical.  But, time and time again, there will be little messages (and they mean a great deal to me) that I will receive to remind me that I am still a normal person.  It is, such little message, that makes me to realize how much God loves me.  How much He cares and takes care of my desire to live my life.

I often desire to live a fulfilling peaceful life.  A life that not only can keep me to breathe the air of serenity, the air of tranquility but, above all, I want a peaceful life that is constantly connected with the Universe.  A life that can bridge Heaven and Earth.  A life that connects every being.  A life that is simply understood and it embodies the energy of love.  The energy of everything possible and everything positive.  I want to live a life that makes me to be fully aware and fully conscious with the language of the Universe.

I always believe that God has given me the ability to connect with spirits, dead or alive.  He has raised my vibrations to 'feel' things and to 'see' things.  He sensitizes my third eye and opens my heart chakra. That He has made me to be a very sensitive individual.  At times, I feel that my mind is rewired and when that happens, I will be experiencing bad headache.

I am humbled when I receive messages from friends that encourage me to live my life. Perhaps, they are encouraging me to live the life that God has given me.  Often, they tell me never to give it up and only to empower to help to heal others.  It is, while helping out with others, that I heal myself too.  Admittedly, these kind friends provide me with the strength to continue doing what I should be doing.  To these friends, I like to say a big 'Thank You'.

I am glad that the new year, 2013 comes into my life with a raised dimension.  It lifts me to a higher vibration.  I must say that all the events that take place, so far in the month of January, have made me to realize that I should empower my gift.  It has made me to realize that I am loved and that I should continue, without hesitation, with spiritual healing works.  It is telling me that I should believe in myself.  I should believe in what I think, what I see, what I say and in what I feel.  It is telling me that I have come to understand the language of the Universe.

Today, I want to write about these accomplishments.  At the same time, they are served to reach out to others so that they can own the gift too.  It does not matter if my writing here sounds as though I am honing my ego cos it is not.  The Universe, and I truly believe it, knows my real intention.  Here, it is about me to tell the Universe that I have accepted, that I have acknowledged and that I want to own it.  The Universe, from the day I claim my understanding about blogging in the world wide web, knows that it is here that I communicate with her.  It is here that I voice my intentions to God.  It is here where I make myself closer to Him.

It is no co-incidence that things just happen when I work with energy.  In my previous writing, Here Is Where I Grow, I mentioned about informational consciousness.  At the start of the year, I decided to fine tune the career energy in Reiki Sanctuary.  I added two objects to enhance the vibration - a plant and two Thinking Man.  Soon after, the Universe opens her gateway for me to carry out my works, the Universal gift.

The Career Area in Reiki Sanctuary

Thank You, God for the Gift
Thank You, Universe for the Gift:

Immediately that week, I conducted an Awareness Seminar to three good friends.  They came to me so that I could help them.  They just wanted to become more aware, more conscious about themselves and to have a more balanced life.  It was a successful day and they felt good about themselves after that.

Then, while visiting a friend at his new apartment, I was led to read about the energy in the house.  The reading led me to open a can of worms.  Instead of a social visit, it ended up with a healing therapy.

While I was there, I also received a call from another dearest friend.  It was another social call for us to catch up.  However, it also turned out to be a healing spiritual work.  It was followed with this message from her:

Dear XXXX, you are all powerful and I kow tow to you.

You asked about the mirror image and you were spot on.  Except you asked about xxxxx and yyyyyy.  It is aaaaaa that I subconsciously cling on to.

I will let him go completely now!  Half way already out of my grasp.  Now must let go completely.

Thank you dear master.

Recently, I had a dearest friend stayed over at Reiki Sanctuary.  While having conversation with him at the Balcony, he shared with me about a girl who had just passed on.  During the conversation, I told him that the girl had some message.

My friend relayed the message to her famiy.  Here, I received an email from this friend:

XXXX Dearest,

I passed the messages from AAAAA (Little Angel killed in an accident) to her mother (BBBBB) yesterday and she was absolutely delighted. BBBBB and her husband thank you from the bottom of their hearts, for the encouraging news of their daughter's smooth passage and happiness in the afterlife.

I also handed her the drawing you made and they searched AAAAA's cupboard, which was as you said, on the left hand side of her room. In the cupboard they found a small bunch of hand wrapped paper flowers but with no leaves. However attached to this was a card.......just as you had drawn out....(scanned pic attached)....the picture speaks for itself and the little specks on the drawing were all tiny little hearts. BBBBB and her husband are not only overwhelmed but they never even knew this was in the cupboard. They are at peace knowing of the love their daughter speaks about.

XXXX dear, I also thank you for making this family come closer to the closure of their recent bereavement, which under any conditions, would have been very hard for them to take. But this is like music to their ears and they are at peace with themselves and understand the ways the universe works. Thank you.....


The Attached Picture to the Email from GGGG

Note:  All names above have been blocked to protect them.

I must say that I am feeling at peace.  There are no words to describe how I feel about all these.  About the love that I am receiving from God.  About the gift that the Universe has empowered me.

All that I pray for is for all of us to feel the love of God, to feel the love of our loved ones and, importantly, to live a life with faith.  It is the only way that we can fill our soul to be peaceful and joyful.

Thank You!

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